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This term, the online weekly classes will be held via zoom and the recordings will be stored on new private facebook pages.  This way you can not only watch back the recordings, but you can ask questions and share images in the groups.  

The zoom links will be stored on the facebook pages and can also be found in the members section under "my bookings"

How to Enrol

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Ingredients and Equipment


Each week please check the list for your class to see the ingredient and equipment required, these are only suggestions as you may have tools or ingredients that you would prefer to use

but please assume that

Each week you need the following basic tools:

Modelling tools set such as PME, to include Dresden, ball tool, bone tool, cone tool, scribe, non stick smooth work board, edible glue and brush, small rolling pin, corn flour puff. kitchen roll, paint palette and brushes, palette knife, small sharp knife, scalpel (no.11 blade), small sharp scissors, cutting wheel if you have one.

For flower courses also include: jem 12 a/b texture tool, pliars, florist wires and tape, PME spray glaze, grooved board or non stick flower work board, celpad or flower pad or your hand. Flower cutters will be listed next to the relevant week. PVA or Impex hi-tac non toxic glue, nivea or trex.

Paste - I will be using Cold porcelain: Hearty soft deluxe and/or modena - please add white gouache/acrylic/oil paint if using just modena as it is translucent (it becomes opaque when the paint  or a small amount of hearty soft deluxe is added).

You are welcome to use sugar florist paste such as Squires kitchen or platinum, or sugarflex (I do not recommend pastes that say "flower and modelling").  I have already put a template sheet in the facebook group for petal cutter shapes. 

Colours: You are welcome to choose different appropriate colours for all courses, I will suggest what I will be using. 

In the flower groups you have the freedom to choose your colours but I will be making flowers the colour of the advertised fresh flowers.

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Monday 10am - 12pm

Please enrol first, then you can request to join the fb group

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We will be making lovely flowers this term with an emphasis on dusting. Lots of people enjoy making the flowers but find the dusting tricky, so we have left time to make sure we can spend time on exactly that. We will work again with air drying clay (cold porcelain), but you are welcome to use sugar florist paste if you wish.

Please check the basic tools list above too

There is a template sheet already in the facebook group as well as this list.

12th April - Miss Jekyll - White matt small seed head or small stamen, spruce green or gooseberry gel colour, white wires: 33, 30, 28g, nile green florist tape, colours to include lemon yellow, blues or pinks, all purpose petal veiner or texture tool (jem or squires) or you could use any of the following petal veiners: hydranger, hibiscus, hellebore/christmas rose. 

19th April - Miss Jekyll - as above

25th April-  Agapanthus - Agapanthus cutter tinkertech 516, small matt white seed head stamen, nile green florist tape, White wires, 18, 24, 28g, Colours to incl. dusts: white, blues, vine or lime green, moss green. 

10th May - Agapanthus - as above

17th May - Oxalis and leaves - A leaf cutter will be sent to UK customers,  all purpose leaf veiner, or gingko leaf veiner  33, 30, 28g white wires, nile green tape. Colours to include: gooseberry or spruce green gel and dusts: plum, african violet, foliage or moss green, aubergine, vine or lime green.

24th May - Bleeding Heart - A cutter will be sent to UK customers. White wires 30, 28, 24g, nile green florist tape, Colours to include, claret gel, dusts: plum, moss green, aubergine.

7th June - Bleeding Heart - as above

21st June - Assembly into hand tied bouquet and complete dusting and assembly.

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Monday Evening 7-9pm.     

Please enrol first then you can request to join the FB group

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Flower making can be really relaxing. Whether you are new to flowers or not, it is all about breaking down techniques and the air drying clay makes it a lot easier to learn as there are less breakages. But again, you could use sugar if you wish.

Please check the basic tools list above too

12th April - Lily of the valley - Lily of the valley cutter (6 petals) or 5 petal small plunger if you don't have one. white wires, 30/33g, 24g, white and nile green florist tape. Dusts to include: lemon yellow, moss, foliage or dark green.  Tiny white stamen optional. Optional leaves are free hand cut and veiner with florist wires.

19th April - Freesia - Freesia cutter or jem/orchard six petal long pointed cutters, very small matt white stamen, nile green florist tape, white paste and then dust colours of your choice, I will use lemon yellow, and deep purple, white wires: 30g, 28, 24g.

25th april - Freesia - as above

10th May - Dahlia - Dahlia petal or ruscus cutters (leaf shapes between 1-7cm see templates), 18g, 28, 30g. nile green florist tape, cutting wheel, large calyx cutter for calyx, gel colours to suit flower colour and gooseberry or spruce green, dust colours to include lemon yellow, moss green and chosen flower colour. Dahlia Leaf veiner or all purpose

17th May - Dahlia - as above

24th May - Fuschia - Fuschia cutter, small matt white stamen, smallest rose petal cutter by FMM, 26, 28g white wires, white and nile green florist tape, , all purpose or fuschia or gardenia leaf veiner. Dust colours to suit eg reds, pinks, purples and moss green, vine, foliage/dark green

7th June - Fuschia - as above

21st June - Assembly and catch up on dusting and flower assembly.

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Tuesday 7-9pm.     

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This will be a mix subject group.  We will be carving a handbag cake, making a figure based on the figure left (with smaller ponytails) and making a feature wafer paper Dahlia.   I understand the cake won't be edible after the course, but it is the best way to learn.

Please check the basic tools list above too

13th April - Modelled Figure - Armature -  4" or 6" round cake drum,18g, 26g white wires, white or any colour florist tape, foil, pliars, skintone saracino modelling paste (will need 250g total paste for whole figure - skintone would need approximately 100g, the rest could be white and coloured) and tools listed above.

20th April - Modelled Figure - Saracino pasta model (see above) and chosen gel colours eg pink

26th april - Modelled Figure - Additional dust colours incl: pink, chosen eye colour eg pink or lilac and purple or black.

11th May - Wafer Paper Dahlia - Wafer paper (I will be using Saracino 0.27mm thick A4 size. You will need approximately 5 sheets, so smaller packs by other brands are suitable). either a table top steamer OR fabriliquid OR glycerine, vanilla extract and water. You can colour with gel colours if using the glycerine method (we will discuss in class), thick edible glue (can just add more cmc to your glue), dust colours to match chosen dahlia. scissors, small matt white or yellow stamen OR 1" polystyrene ball or egg, 18g and 28g white wire, nile green florist tape.

18th May - Handbag Cake - an 8" square sponge cake 2" deep or layers, buttercream (up to 500g - beat 1 part butter, then add 2 arts icing sugar and flavouring), ganache (I will use dark chocolate ganache, head 250mls double cream until it reaches a rolling boil, then pour over 500g dark chocolate chopped to 1cm pieces - white chocolate would need 750g chocolate and milk chocolate would need 675g)

25th May - Handbag Cake - 2 kg sugarpaste (better to have spare) Minimum of 1kg can be pre coloured to chosen colour for the body of the handbag (see pic), handles and details can be a contrasting colour. board can be painted with brown gels/dusts, Handles can either be draped sugarpaste with cmc added (Tylo) or for upright handles, you will need to order clear tubing from home brew companies (only buy 1 metre) between 1/2" to 1" thick and also have two kebab skewers and two straws.  Smoothers, Texture sheets or mats are optional (PME do simple ones which are very reasonably priced).

8th June - Handbag Cake - as above

22nd June - Wafer Paper Dahlia - Assemble the pieces already made

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Wednesday 10am - 12pm

Please enrol first then you can request to join the fb group

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This is a flower making group. We will be making a selection of flowers growing in their natural style.

Please check the basic tools list above too

14th April - Cherry Blossom Branch - 5 petal blossom cutter up to 1" wide, jem/squires veining stick, small matt white seed head stamens, dusts to include lemon yellow, plum, aubergine, moss green, dark/foliage green, vine (or mix own), woodland green, brown. Gel colours: spruce or gooseberry green, claret/pink, cherry blossom leaf veiner or all purpose, or rose leaf, florist wires white: 38, 26, 18g, nile green and brown florist tape.

21st April - Cherry blossom Branch - as above plus kitchen paper, pliars, foil

27th april - Moth Orchid plant - moth orchid cutter and veiner (I have lindy smith moth orchid cutter and squires kitchen moth orchid veiner), 28, 26, 18, white wires, nile green florist tape, dust colours to include lemon yellow, plum, aubergine, greens such as moss green, foliage/dark green, vine green, woodland green, gooseberry green. 

12th May - Moth orchid plant - as above

18th May - Moth orchid plant - plant pot, either biscuit crumbs (eg oreo and bourbon mix) or small pebbles

26th May - final flower to be confirmed

9th June - 

23rd June -