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Hi all, 

i am delighted to share these new live demonstrations with you. 

As well as the online weekly classes, I will be doing live demonstrations in private facebook groups.  You will keep access to the group and be able to watch the recordings when you wish and ask me questions as you make your piece.   I advise watching the demonstrations rather than caking along, but that is up to you.

Facebook lifetime access

Don't worry if you missed the live demonstrations because they have Facebook lifetime access in the Private facebook group so you can catch up at your leisure and don't worry, you can still ask questions.

Scroll down for a gallery of the finished live pieces


island cake demonstration copy.jpg

Island Cake Demonstration

Click here for the Facebook Group

(Access only for those that have paid for the Demonstration)


This is a very new subject and great fun to do. I will worked in Agar Agar which is vegan, but you are welcome to work in gelatine.  You will have access to the demonstration recording to watch back as you wish as well as all the recipes. You can ask questions as you create your cake.

Still available to enroll as the recordings are all in the group ready for you.

Suitable for all levels

Please check the basic tools list at the bottom of the page too

Equipment list and Recipes will be in the Private Facebook group.

mythical creature may 2021 copy.jpg

Mythical Creature Demonstration

Click here for the Facebook Group 

(Access only for those that have paid for the demonstrations)


I will be demonstrating live in a private facebook group over three sessions as well as an extra session on scenery.  This makes over 10 hours of recorded tuition and you will have access to the recordings to watch back as well as ask Rhianydd when you work on your faun.

Still available to book and the recordings are all ready for you

Suitable for Intermediate and above

- A great way to develop your modelling knowledge.

New to modelling? Why not check out the four session Betsy & Ben modelling online class which is only £20

Please check the basic tools list at the bottom of the page too

Equipment list and templates are in the private facebook group.

Ingredients and Equipment

The Ingredients and equipment list and any templates will be in the private facebook group.

But please assume you need the following basic tools for most courses:

Modelling tools set such as PME, to include Dresden, ball tool, bone tool, cone tool, scribe, non stick smooth work board, edible glue and brush, small rolling pin, corn flour puff. kitchen roll, paint palette and brushes, palette knife, small sharp knife, scalpel (no.11 blade), small sharp scissors, cutting wheel if you have one.

For flower courses also include: jem 12 a/b texture tool, pliars, florist wires and tape, PME spray glaze, grooved board or non stick flower work board, celpad or flower pad. Flower cutters will be listed next to the relevant week. PVA or Impex hi-tac non toxi glue, nivea or trex. Paste - I will be using Cold porcelain: Hearty soft deluxe and/or modena. You are welcome to use sugar florist paste such as Squires kitchen or platinum, or sugarflex (I do not recommend pastes that say "flower and modelling").  I have already put a template sheet in the facebook group for petal cutter shapes. 

Colours: You are welcome to choose different appropriate colours for all courses, I will suggest what I will be using. 

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