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Previously the classes were all held in person, but where that hasn't been possible for over a year, so now there are new options for you to learn online.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will be happy to help. 


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Welcome to the Online School

There are new choices for you on our website, providing you additional ways to continue your sugarcraft journey online from the safety of your home.

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Available learning

- Read below for more information and links

* Facebook Lives - held in private facebook groups

* Free Online Tutorials - on my YouTube channel

* Online Tutorials  - held in private facebook groups

Ways you can learn?

Facebook Lives

Demonstrations that are live and held in a private facebook group.

I advise watching along and then creating while you watch on playback so that you can pause an play as you wish, as this group has FB lifetime access. (Although you are always welcome to work along, but I won't be pausing and repeating during the live demonstration).

These sessions are booked separately and are perfect if you cannot commit to our weekly classes.

Visit this page to see what is currently available

Free Online Tutorials

These are pre-recorded and have a variety of styles. They are  hosted  on YouTube.

* voice over sped up recordings

* Edited simple short tutorials

* "how I made" format

* A tour of show features

and more

Here is the Link

Online Tutorials

These are paid for tutorials that you can purchase and keep. 

These are currently being transferred over to private Facebook groups as I feel they allow for better interaction with course attendees and myself.

Visit this page to see what is currently available.

My youtube channel

Head on over to my youtube channel for tutorials, timelapses and sneak peeks.

Why the Amazon Links? 

Well I am a brand new Amazon Influencer.  I have my own page on Amazon with affiliate links to a selection of my favourite products.

So if you are new to cake decorating or always wondering which brands to buy, I have selections right from baking through to photographing the finished cake.  The page is in the shop section on the menu bar or you can click here.

Happy Caking