Isn't this different?

This is a dream which is slowly becoming reality. 

To have an online community for both my in-person and online students. I would dearly love you to get to know each other and now I have somewhere you can do that. 

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Welcome to the Online School

Here you can find all of the online tutorials and pages for those on the membership plans.    You can choose to watch the free tutorials, or you can pay individually for the paid for tutorials, or you can purchase the Caker membership plan and you can watch all of them and much much more.

What are the plans for?

I have always been a creator.   As a small child, I wrote books for my sister and cousins to read, and to read to them (we were very small).   I drew, I played music and now I teach and write.

In order to create I have to be able to have the time to do just that, so the plans are there for supporters to give me time to create. I know you can me a member of the website, but these membership plans are a little bit special.

In return for your monthly donation I give something back.  So each of the plans have different levels of rewards as well as fun friendly cake decorating classes.

Pop on over to the Plans & Pricing page to see just what you get for the Membership plans, and indeed, if the plans are for you.  There are also plans for weekly courses whether online or in person and four multiple session online courses.

I did make sure that if you purchase a membership plan, that you would get discounts too.   See below for that 

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Yes, discounts!  I know it is nice getting to see extra videos, or to get online paid for tutorials included in your membership, but some of you attend multiple classes, so for that reason, I also give % discounts to my plan members


Hover to see your discount


Dragons receive a

5% discount

for their plan


Hover to see your discount


Daffodils receive a

10% discount

for their plan


Hover to see your discount

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Cakers receive a

15% discount

for their plan

So those of you on plans that attend multiple classes get those discounts off the cost of the classes.    That could even end up paying for your plan and more.


I mean extra tutorials.

Cakers get all the paid online tutorials on the site


I go live on social media, but not everyone uses it.  ALL of my plan members get to see exclusive 

monthly livestreams


My Daffodils and Cakers get to vote on the next paid for tutorials

More on that soon.

Watch this space

early access

You will find out about new classes or tutorials before anyone else. 

So when spaces are limited, that is a really big help.

Watch this space

Why the Amazon Links? 

Well I am a brand new Amazon Influencer.  I have my own page on Amazon with affiliate links to a selection of my favourite products.

So if you are new to cake decorating or always wondering which brands to buy, I have selections right from baking through to photographing the finished cake.  The page is in the shop section on the menu bar or you can click here.

Happy Caking