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But why should that stop you learning.  

Here you will find online courses you can purchase separately and watch as much as you wish via a private facebook group. 

I have a wealth of subjects I have taught online since March 2020 and will be gradually adding them here.

So if you saw pics of something you would like to do, please email me and I will edit and add it to this page. (Visit the Weekly Class pics for ideas) 


All the classes are individually priced and can be viewed in the gallery or on the link button below.

finished mythical creature faun.JPG

Scroll through the gallery then book below

One-off courses with lifetime access

  • Mythical creature

    Part 1 - The Faun
    • detailed instruction
    • Full equipment list
    • templates
    • how to design and create an armature
    • detailed hands and face
    • over 10 hours of tuition
    • recordings held in a private facebook group
  • Island Cake

    The new style of cake
    • How to use agar agar as well as gelatine recipes
    • Recordings stored in a private facebook group
    • learn how to make honey cake for foliage
    • learn to carve and ganache
    • learn how to prep the support
    • full recipes given
  • The Man Cave

    An 11 lesson pre-recorded sculpted cake tutorial
    • Learn how to carve the cake
    • Ganache to make the structure sound
    • Add sugarpaste wood panels and texture
    • Learn to add colour
    • Create earth and grass textures
    • Learn to make the flowers and mole
    • Stored in a private fb group
  • Steampunk Course

    A 7 sesson class to make this fabulous Steampunk Tiered cake
    • Yours to view online as often as you like
    • Learn how to carve and ice
    • Learn to model A dragon
    • Learn to work with moulds and texture mats
    • Learn how to airbrush and paint
    • How to sculpt and decorate a clock cake
    • Recordings held in a private facebook group
  • Betsy and Ben Class

    An Introduction to modelled figures
    • Four recorded sessions