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A New Term....A New Website

There are lots and lots of changes for you to take in this September, so let me help you through some of them.

The other website started crashing. The provider changed hands and it became incredibly slow to load and impossible to get onto to edit, so, a new website had to be built,..........................and quickly!

Secure site

First up, the site is now a secure site. Something I had been struggling to do on the last site. Phew!

Mobile Version

This is still being checked through, so bear with me

Mobile App

Yes an app! The website builder came with this option via Wix which may be easier for those of you who want to fire off a quick message to me about class. Here is the link.

Members Chat

At the bottom right of the page is the Members Chat. If I am online, you can send me an instant message.

Weekly Classes

The individual class pages are password protected this term due to the addition of the class recordings being stored on the website after each lesson.

As there are six of them, to make them easier to find, I have put a picture link on the blackberries on the home page, and at the bottom of the homepage there is a link to the weekly classes page in the site navigation.

When you are on the weekly classes page there are buttons for you to click for your individual classes. And here is the weekly class page link too

When you have paid your deposit you will be given your password. If you haven't received it, please email and I will send it to you.

The Blog

Well that's easy. It's just a new place for me to put the latest news.

Easier for you to find particular posts too, such as the Hints and Tips section where I will add weekly ......well,..........hints and tips.

To celebrate the new website, the first one was a picture tutorial for the boho cake.

Want to save time seaching for the link?

Why two classes sections?

Well, before I just taught in person classes, now there is a whole new online school.

The summer term was taught online and a few of those classes have been changed to stand alone tutorials that can be purchased and watched on the website. These are included in the Caker Tutorials membership plan........more on that in a moment.

The website also hosts all my online tutorials from my youtube channel. Visit the Online school Online Tutorials page to see them.


There are a few options here.

Before, you just joined a class.

Now you can join the website, where there is a forum and the option to watch the online tutorials free.

I also have three membership plans, the Dragons, Daffodils and Cakers.

These come with little extras and privileges.

Visit the Plans & Pricing page to find out more.

I think that is enough for now.

Any questions, you now know quite a few places you can ask :D Happy Caking


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