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Halloween kits to create are here!

A lot of work went into this one.

Rather than one design, this kit has two!

The kit makes both werewolf and pumpkin designs, and even more exciting!

There is enough chocolate to make four 3D designs or eight flat backed chocolate lollypop designs.

There are also accessories in the mould such as stump, stem and leaf for the pumpkin and ears and paws for the werewolf.

There is also a witches hat and black writing icing included in a fabulous reusable tube to pipe in the black dots eyes and fill the mouth and even pink heart sprinkles to add as cheeks or a tongue AND tiny white non-pareils to add highlights to the eyes or teeth to the werewolf.

This kit has delicious milk and orange to create your pops, and enough lolly sticks, bags and ties for you to make flat backed lollies. The bags are big enough for you to put the 3D designs in too.

What else could there possible be!

You can make ALL of the following using this kit with a few additions:

  • flat backed lollies with the addition of the marshmallows provided for extra tasty yumminess

  • cake pops - bake two cupcakes and mix with buttercream or the spare chocolate provided to fill the cavities

  • chocolate biscuit/fridge cake - you can use the recipe of my book (you only need 1/10th of the recipe), or to break it down, use 50g of the chocolate provided to fill four 3D pops mixed with marshmallows provided, and add 1 tsp butter and 1 tsp maple or golden syrup - delicious!