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New class dates due to lockdown

Hi all,

I am guessing you have heard the news that we are in lockdown from this coming Friday until Monday the 9th November (I am still waiting for confirmation whether that is inclusive of the monday or not. (It just says "until Monday" but I would rather double check the wording)

To make it easier for everyone, I am going to extend our half term break to two weeks as well.

So half term will last the duration of this lockdown.

I hope that will firstly make it easier for those of you with children who may not be the correct age to go to school, and also so that those of you that attend in person do not miss so many in person classes

I will tell everyone in each of the classes this week as well

Half term cupcake-a-long

I am going to be doing a cupcake along live on the facebook group page during actual half term week and will be releasing the equipment list and cupcake designs to create by the end of this week. I will also put up the date and times then at the same time.

I will do something else the following week too, not sure what yet, but I will make sure there is something each of those two weeks.

Stay safe and happy caking everyone


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