Christmas is nearly here and a delicious hot chocolate bomb is just perfect for cosy winter nights. 


Visit the chocolate characters section for the fir cones as they are filled with delicious chocolate biscuit cake which is suitable for vegans too with a 2 week shelf life.



These  boxes of 6 chocolate bombs are available for postage with the understanding that you understand these are very delicate. Postage within the UK only and is £3.60 to post 6 chocolate bombs.  By ordering, you understand that they may arrive damaged due to postage.


They are supposed to be delicate to make them melt beautifully when you pour the hot milk over them.


I will take every care to package them carefully and will individually wrap each of the chocolate bombs inside your box so if the very worst happens, just pop the contents of your bag into the mug and pour the milk over.

Bombs  must be pre-ordered and paid for as they are made to you by order. 

Please note - your order is confirmed when you have paid and then work on your treats begin.



You also have choices I send out a form when you have paid online for you to choose  your flavour choices

If I do not receive the form back, you will be sent regular dark chocolate bombs filled with hot chocolate with marshmallows inside and decorated as the image shown



1. Hot Chocolate or Malted Hot Chocolate

You can also state which shapes are which flavour.


2. White, Milk or Dark Chocolate

You can also state which shapes are which flavour


3. Metallic colours

Please let me know which metallic colour you would like on your bombs and on which ones! Available on 5mm or 7mm bombs


4. Sprinkles or chocolate balls

A very important distinction.  They all look great though when they float to the top of your mug. Have a peek on the design, this applies to the bombs with them already on


5. Mix Boxes

£15 1 x heart 1 x dome 2 x 5cms 2 x 7cms

Swaps - you can also swap either a 7cm, heart or dome for unicorn face or gonk.     



Postal Hot Chocolate Bombs

  • Chocolate bombs are very delicate and need to be stored at room temperature in a cool room away from radiators or the window. 

    Keep out of reach of children and animals

    Treat them with love - Do not shake the box or turn upside down or you will spoil them

    Do not refrigerate or overheat or the chocolate will bloom and turn white - it will still taste delicious, but won't look as pretty

    Please note that this is regular chocolate and contains lactose unless you order the vegan variety. Ingredients, allergens and shelf life will be on the container.

    If you want different flavours in your bombs, you must email or you will automatically receive dark chocolate bombs with hot chocolate mix and marsh mallows



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