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Rhianydd Webb in her school with her country cottage tutorial for cakeflix
My name is Rhianydd and I am addicted to cake and sugarcraft!   

It is true!  I have been since I first picked up a book by Tombi Peck with the most exquisite realistic sugar flowers.  I just couldn't believe this was possible and my love affair with sugarcraft began.

Fairy cottage cakes created in her class hosted by the Shanghai cakeart studio by Rhianydd Webb Dragons and Daffodils Cakes

Student work at my class hosted by Shanghai Cakeart Studio

Where did it start?

I initially learnt from cake books such as Alan Dunn; Tombi Peck; Debbie Brown; Lesley Herbert and Lindi Smith. These incredible cake artists shared their skills and that is how I have always felt.  I wanted to share what I too had learned with others that shared my passion.

Right from the beginning, every time I made a cake I was asked if I could make one for someone else, so in July 1999 Dragons & Daffodils Cakes was born. 

Why the name?

At the time that was what I got asked to make the most.

Rhianydd Webb Dragons and Daffodils Cakes in her first premises

At my first premises in Tonyrefail

Rhianydd Webb of Dragons and Daffodils Cakes on Roald Dahl Day with a sculpted cake in the Norwegian church

On Roald Dahl Day

Moving to teaching?

Never could I have dreamed where this journey would take me. From humble beginnings in my home kitchen, I then moved to premises where we made over 3000 award-winning wedding cakes that regularly featured in magazines.  This led me to writing tutorials and exhibiting and teaching in Exhibitions.


In 2014 I began competing at Cake International and am proud to have received multiple gold medals as well as best in category which led to me joining the judging team in 2017.  I have since created three solo show features. 

Training to judge at Cake International gave me so many opportunities and in 2019 I travelled to China to judge at the China selections of the FIPGC and to teach at the wonderful Shanghai Cakeart Studio

Rhianydd Webb judging at the chinese selections of the FIPGC Shanghai

Judging the China Selections at the FIPGC

Rhianydd Webb teaching at the Shanghai Cakeart studio. Pic by Shanghai Cakeart studio

Teaching at the Shanghai Cakeart Studio

Cyril's Cake Adventure


2019 saw the release of my first book Cyril's Cake Adventure.  It gave me the opportunity to give a little back to all the wonderful students I have had over the last 20 years by putting as much of the hints and tips I have picked up over the years into one woodland and whimsical book following Cyril the squirrels story.

I only started making cakes so that I could make them for my children, so my book has a children's story running through it.  Each chapter page sees the next page in the story.

Cyril the squirrel and Mr Bird by Dragons and daffodils cakes
cyrils cake adventure by Rhianydd Webb
The projects from Cyril's Cake Adventure by Rhianydd Webb

The Pladis McVities Platinum Jubilee Cake


Truly the pinnacle of any career is to be part of an incredible team that was commissioned to make a cake for Royalty, and I can't think of a more unique occasion than Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee Cake. 

I am truly honoured to finally be able to reveal what I have been working on this year as part of a truly remarkable team of dedicated cake artists led by the incredibly talented Annie Relph.
I was so thrilled to be invited on to the team on this project not only celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but with a theme that celebrated the Queen’s Green Canopy - also a great passion of mine. 
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside respected friends.  Thank you to Pladis Global who made us feel truly welcomed through the experience. 
Wonderful memories that I will treasure always 🌳💚 
Here are some words from Annie and  a beautiful image of the cake in situ at Buckingham Palace.  Head on over to pladis Globals website  to read more 
“It was an absolute honour to be asked by McVities to help in creating a commemorative cake for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which was delivered to Buckingham Palace on 31st May to be displayed in the throne room for the jubilee week. Over two thousand hours went into the detail of a design reflecting the Tree of life and the Queen’s Green Canopy. It was all made possible by dedicated cake team comprising of Annie relph, Alan Dunn, Rhianydd Webb, Christine Flinn, Sue McMahon, Karen and Mike Cauldwell and myself, working with the wonderful Billy Kilvington and Eve Goldspink from Pladis Global, with on-site support from Jake, Tom, Mike and Gerry. The cake was placed on a beautiful wooden base, carved from English walnut by Philip Walker and a stunning silver tree topper by silversmith Ryan McClean. “ (Words by Annie Relph)

Have a look through just a few photographs

The Pladis Platinum Jubilee Cake
Working on flowers
Tier 2 flowers
Tier 3 flowers
Tier 5 flowers and corgi
Magical details
Tier 3 centre panel
Adding the Topper
Delivering to Buckingham Palace
Throne room collage
Top two tiers by the throne
Lily of the Valley
Tier two close up
Pladis McVities care package
Platinum Jubilee Cake close up
Platinum Jubilee Cake
Royal Flowers

Dare to Dream


I mean that.  You never know where your journey will take you. 

It could be that you just want to make a fabulous cake for a loved one - and fantastic! What a dream! 

I am here to support you every step of the way.  I hope you will join me on my sugarcraft journey. 

May it never end


A little of my work

You should always love what you do.....and BOY! Have I been lucky! 

Here are just a few of the thousands of cakes I have been lucky to make since 1999.    From birthdays, weddings, corporate cakes, features for Cake International and competition cakes and collaborations.

I hope you enjoy them

The Pladis McVities Platinum Jubilee Cake

Over 2000 hours went into the creation of this cake and I was honoured to be part of the team.

Star Trek 50 years

I was honoured to be commissioned to create the cake for Destination Star Trek 50 celebration which was cut by Walter Koenig. What you cant see is the 4 1/2 foot wide cake that covered most of the table and was served to the guests

Gravity defying turtle

Another gravity defying lifelike full size class.

Fryn's Cwtch

A 6 episode video tutorial for Cakeflix

Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi

Known as the Angel of Mercy. This sculpted bust was for a collaboration

Away with the Faeries

My third feature for cake international featuring 2 metre tall lifelike wafer paper flowers and a 5 foot 10 inch Faerie

The Happy Dormouse

A realistic Dormouse in Yarrow lifesize sculpture

Rusty the Fox

This gravity defying lifelike fox cake class was so much fun each time, and here Rusty is in his element

Animal Modelling

Always such a popular subject

From the set of "Roald and Beatrix"

A faux cake. A chocolate cake that looks like a fruit cake in its tin on set

Warrior frog

Detailed modelling is so much fun to do

Vintage Phone

This vintage phone was a tutorial created for Cake craft magazine

My Faraway Tree feature

Moonface and the Saucepan Man. The largest pieces of the installation moved to the final home in the Renshaw Academy

farway tree characters
Spiderwick Fieldguide feature

With the kind permission of Tony Di'Terlizzi, I recreated a selection of characters from the illustrations in the Spiderwick Fieldguide for my second Cake International Feature

Spiderwick Fieldguide feature

Sat at the desk with my wafer paper field guide and hand modelled flowers and figures from the cake international feature

my Spiderwick fieldguide feature

Little Thimbletack sitting eating a handmade cracker from my cake international feature

My Spiderwick Fieldguide feature

This 3 foot tall quarry dwarf character created from the illustration in the book was created during 10 hours live during the Cake International weekend

My Spiderwick Chronicle fieldguide

The wandering clump model I created in front of the original illustration in the Spiderwick Fieldguide book for my cake international feature

My secret garden feature

This 3 foot tall tree cake and all the creatures and flowers you see displayed were created live for Cake International onscreen over the course of 10 hours.

The blue Faerie

A sneak peek at a character from my next book

The magic world of Froud Book

This is a gold medal winning display that was created for the Cake Masters book babes stand by invitation at Cake International


A model created for a book themed collaboration

Thoughtful the Dwarf sculpture

This 20" tall dwarf was created for a Snow White themed collaboration display at Cake International

Woodland Wedding cake gold medal

This was my first ever entry to Cake International wedding cakes and I was thrilled to receive a gold

Sugar Red Campion flowers gold medal

This was my entry for a plant in three to five stages, created from the seeds right through to the dried husks for Cake international

Small Decorative exhibit gold medal and 1st place

This figure started my Spiderwick journey. It was my first entry with a detailed model and led to me being given permission to create my feature for Cake Interntaional

Maz Tanaka small decorative gold and 2nd place

I was thrilled to place with this piece as I had literally no time to create her, only able to start the night before the show due to other commitments at cake international

Decorative exhibit gold and 3rd place

My competition journey was all about learning different skills in cake decorating, and this 2 foot tall figure was a brand new journey for me at cake international

mr chanterelle back of head

The back of this figure which was a mixture of the artists original design and the character in the film

father earth small decorative gold

This was entered into Salon Culinaire and was my second gold (and a silver) there. A figure that had been an idea of mine for a long time

Sugar floral buttercream ruffles wedding

After 3000 weddings, you are never surprised by requests to have both sugarpaste, buttercream ruffles and sugar flowers

Wrapped in Choc

A five tier wedding cake in disguise, wrapped in delicious Belgian milk chocolate

vintage hydranger and sweet pea ruffles

A classic and elegant wedding cake with ruffles and sugar flowers

a woodland walk

This cake was created for the Wedding cake showroom at Squires Kitchen Exhibition featuring a hand painted woodland scene

Peony wafer paper

Peonies and blossoms in wafer paper, together with the wafer paper shards came together to create a dramatic and elegant wedding cake. Based on my purple amethyst wedding cake

Welsh hills

A textural wedding cake with edible tree trunk base

Couture cake

Wafer paper foliage and airbrushing combine to perfectly compliment the stunning leaf bridal dress by Jean Paul Gaultier for a couture cakes collaboration

Japan and Wales Wedding

This cake was created after a client was inspired by my own wedding cake, this time featuring a japanese garden, travelling up the cake, through the Brecon Beacons, Caerphilly and to Miskin Manor where they were married. Featuring sculpting, modelling and cocoa butter painting.

Beth and Grants chocolate pots

My gorgeous sisters wedding cake with a difference. Hand formed chocolate pots and a top tier decorated with decadent chocolate dominos and realistic sugar flowers.

amethyst shards

This cake was created as a tutorial for Cake Craft magazine with airbrushed wafer paper shards and flowers, sugarpaste moss and edible isomalt crystals

antique rose

A design that pulled together all of the features of that time with baroque style picture frames, delicate wafer paper pages around the tier and stunning sugar flowers

Our Wedding Cake

I poured my heart and soul into this cake. The front features cocoa butter painting of Castell Coch and the surrounding hills and valleys, featuring stunning realistic wild sugar flowers and tiny model animals. The back, a nod to Star Wars with us dressed as Han and Leia (not our actual wedding clothes, although...I wish!) sitting on a wooden walkway on the forest moon of Endor with the cocoa butter Death Star above

Chinese Honeymoon

This cake was a tutorial for Squires Kitchen Magazine featuring hand painting, piping, modelling and sugar flowers with a painted wafer paper fan

marshall amp illusion cake

A Marshall amp cake complete with all the knobs and buttons

Musical illusion cake

My children always had unusual cakes and this one completely confused everyone with chocolate CD case and cassette tape

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