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They say that if you love your job you never work a day in your life and it is so true! I dearly love my job, especially the teaching.   The best part is watching the transformation from when that student first walks into the classroom until they proudly leave holding their finished cake.

Big Changes

Classes are all online at the moment the new term starts 11/1





There will be new  one-off live demonstrations planned to be taught via FB private groups which will then be hosted here too, so you have options where you watch them with lifetime access.

More info to follow on those, but keep an eye on the Online Tutorials page for further information.



Click the link for the booking form for Businesses and BSG  branches to book a class or Demonstration

I am available for online classes and demonstrations and have a zoom account available if your branch doesn't.


Where can I find info for classes & dems?



Use the drop down menu or the buttons below in this section to find upcoming live classes and demonstrations whether they are in person or online.

You can also pop along to the galleries to see what classes have been run previously if you are interested in hosting a class.  (The form for that is at the bottom of the galleries section)

Why is the selection of classes so small?

My diary was very full for 2020 but obviously most of the classes and demonstrations that I was travelling to have either been cancelled or postponed and are awaiting new dates. 

All the classes scheduled for in my school premises are being re-scheduled and dates will be available very soon. Including information about the weekly classes

I didn't want to put lots of pictures up with "postponed" or "cancelled" because that is too dis-heartening.

Enquiry form for

Hosting Classes & Demonstrations

If you have your own premises and would like to book a workshop

Or if you are a programme secretary or event and would like to book a demonstration

Please use the form below.

Demonstration & Workshop Enquiry Form
What is you equiry

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