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Past Cakes

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful cakes I was so blessed to be able to make since 1999. 

This year in 2023 I made the decision to stop making cakes for sale and from spring 2023, I now solely teach and write and I am looking forward to joining students on their cake journeys and hope they enjoy theirs as much as I have enjoyed mine so far.  May it continue for many more years. 

This year will see the release of 

Book 2 of

Cyril's Cake Adventure

Which I will be releasing at the biggest cake show in the world

Cake International 

Visit the Galleries to see just a few of the award winning cakes and classes I have made over the years Thank you again for all of your wonderful commissions over the years. I am truly grateful.

There is always time for cake.

Thank you for all your
cake orders since 1999

I am no longer taking orders for cakes. 
Why not book on a class and learn how to make beautiful cakes for your family and friends.

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