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Cyril's Cake Adventure   Book 1: The Woods


2019 saw the release of my first book Cyril's Cake Adventure.  It gave me the opportunity to give a little back to all the wonderful students I have had over the last 20 years by putting as much of the hints and tips I have picked up over the years into one woodland and whimsical book following Cyril the squirrels story.

I only started making cakes so that I could make them for my children, so my book has a children's story running through it.  Each chapter page sees the next page in the story.

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Incl 1st Class UK mainland postage £25

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Cyril's Cake Adventure   
Book 2: The Lands of Faerie

Sadly, book two has had to be postponed, too many squirrels in the machine.  I am heartbroken not to be able to bring it to Cake International November 2023, but 
I will let you all know when you will be able to follow Cyril on his next this space.
I will be emailing all those that had pre-ordered for 2023 to keep you updated ahead of public new pre-order and release date announcements (a small way to say thank you for your support). 

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