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Daft about Dragons, Crazy about Cake


Well the title says it all. That is me!  That is what you will find in my blog. 

Dragons and Daffodils was born because they were the cakes I was often asked to create. 


Mythical and whimsical cakes - the Dragons

Combined with Woodland, wildlife and natural - the Daffodils

and the Cakes,...............well, I make Cakes. Just like you! 

There are trials and tribulations when making a cake. 

There is that "Aaaaargh! I hate it!" moment, the staying awake all night to get the cake exactly how you want it.............Even if you still hate it..............but when you see your clients face when you tentatively open the box to show them their cake.....

Ah, that is it!            THAT is why we do it. 

Despite all the stress that happens when you are trying to cover a cake in 30 degree temperatures with children tugging on you yelling "Mam MAM!" for attention when the cake is due in the morning, we still love it. 

I Promise


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