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Video Tutorials and more

Now what could this be?

There isn't much left to do to this project.

This is the new Cakers membership project

A Tawny Owl

Complete with hand textured and hand painted feathers and with isomalt eyes.

I created Olly the Owl for my book (he was a Little Owl - they have really long legs when they stand up and they actually run!)

But I wanted this to be different from Olly so you learn something new.

However, adding isomalt eyes to the video tutorial makes it so much more accessible as a technique that reading a book - I do understand that watching is best, I really do - but I created the book with an awful lot of photographs (over 700) to make sure that I added as much as I could.

But that will never compare to a video, so I am really glad that this was requested. Good idea Ann!

So how are you?

Have you made any interesting cakes lately? Learnt anything new? Doesn't have to be cake, it could be a craft that you are learning.

Go and grab a cuppa and let's have a catch up - it's okay, I can wait.

Right! Got my cuppa ready.

So the reason I ask is that I have always been interested in other crafts.

Drawing, painting, Silver jewellery, beads, Polymer clay, knitting, crocheting, decoupage, card making.......

.....oh dear there are probably more, but now you know why there is so much stuff in the school.

I have dabbled a lot and as a result have a great selection of craft equipment, and lots of these crafts and hobbies cross over into cake.

For example, I am making various polymer clay characters with the skills I use to model figures for cakes.

My newest skill......

is felt. It is something I have been eager to try for a while.

I often get asked if I could make my characters in a more permanent medium, so that is why I am learning other options.

I have always loved the idea of mixed media craft, so mixing polymer clay feet with a felted mouse sitting under an air drying clay blackberry bush.

Mostly all done using my cake decorating skills because I simply cannot count how many times I have made a mouse.

Each new craft you learn means you add new skills to those you already have and you would be surprised at how much cross over there is.


These are a great way to get involved with other cake decorators (or crafters) and work together towards an end goal. I love working as a team, even if you are creating your piece at home, you are still keeping in contact with each other and supporting each other. That is so important right now.

(This is Lurtz from Lord of the Rings that I created for the British Fantasy Collaboration - more pics on my fb)

The same goes for online classes or watching a live demonstration and chatting along with all the other viewers.

What a great way to not only look after your mental health but learn new skills and techniques too.

Oh this is such a welcome announcement.

After Cake International had to be cancelled this year due to the pandemic, it was such a disappointment and I felt quite low when I went online to cancel my hotel.

But now, you can go to the virtual show.

But why would you need tickets? Well trust me, it is way more than even Cake International on screen was. Hugely exciting.

Keep an eye on their website and facebook page to get all of the information as it is released. It is going to be amazing! I am so excited to be judging again, lots of entries for the online competition and it is wonderful to get sneak peeks before the public get to see them. Definitely one of the amazing perks of being a judge.

Weekly youtube videos

So many of you have been in touch to say how much they enjoyed the Ganache tutorial, so I hope you will be pleased to hear that I have three more tutorials to follow that, how to cover a board with wood floor effect, how to ice a cake with sharp edges, and how to make buttercream.

This means that a new video will go onto my youtube channel

every Sunday ...........

Which means...............

those of you that have subscribed to the website get to see them on a Saturday

Looks like someone will be editing videos through half term lol.

I have been busy shooting not only the owl tutorial last week, but also a secret tutorial that I really cannot wait to reveal, but you will just have to be patient.

I also have two birthday cakes this week, so will switch on the video camera for the exciting bits and get some nice new tutorials for you too.

Edit Edit Edit

Right! My video has finished optimising so I have to get back to editing.

Have a great week, I will be back in touch soon.

Take care and happy caking


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