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Video Tutorials and more

Now what could this be?

There isn't much left to do to this project.

This is the new Cakers membership project

A Tawny Owl

Complete with hand textured and hand painted feathers and with isomalt eyes.

I created Olly the Owl for my book (he was a Little Owl - they have really long legs when they stand up and they actually run!)

But I wanted this to be different from Olly so you learn something new.

However, adding isomalt eyes to the video tutorial makes it so much more accessible as a technique that reading a book - I do understand that watching is best, I really do - but I created the book with an awful lot of photographs (over 700) to make sure that I added as much as I could.

But that will never compare to a video, so I am really glad that this was requested. Good idea Ann!

So how are you?

Have you made any interesting cakes lately? Learnt anything new? Doesn't have to be cake, it could be a craft that you are learning.