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Facebook Live Demonstrations

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Lets let the images speak for themselves.

Not everyone has time for a weekly class, so here are some options for you.

First up, the Island cake.

I will be using Agar Agar (as it needs more experimenting that gelatine and is suitable for vegans). This is a live demonstration where I show you the whole process.

Secondly, the mythical creature.

This will be based on a mythical faun. I will demonstrate a full body armature (different to my faun above) to make it easier to support itself and teach you how to add the paste, blend, shape and colour as well as a detailed face.

For more information and to book,

visit the new Facebook lives page using this link

Once you have booked, go back to the website page link and request to join the private facebook group.

That is where I will put all the ingredient and equipment lists and templates.

You will have access to re-watch the recordings when you wish and also to ask any questions you have while you make your piece.

I advise watching the demonstration so that you can ask questions as I demonstrate, then you can re-watch at your own pace.

Registration closes the day before.

Ask away if you have any questions on

Here is a snip of the website home page to help you find the new page on the site.

Happy Caking


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