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Weekly Tips - 1. Catching Dreams Tutorial

Welcome to the new blog. This is the first in a series of weekly tips.

To celebrate the new website and the new blog, my first tip is going to be an entire tutorials.

Wafer paper is amazing stuff! It really is.

So my top three favourite products in this tutorial are:

Saracino 0.27mm Wafer Paper


FPC knitting mat

You can use the amazon app to find them and remember to always shop original brands.

Catching Dreams

It has long been said that sleeping beneath a dream catcher protects you from nightmares but I also think they are beautiful. Although they are often made from willow wood, I thought that creating one from copper with the lacey copper board would work beautifully for the current trends in cakes. Add wafer paper feathers for a delicate finish.

You will need


Prepared cake 15cm (6in) round buttercreamed on 15cm cake cards

1kg sugarpaste (Saracino)

Gel paste colour: blue; orange; red; brown (Saracino)

Lustre dust colour: copper (Saracino)