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Hints & Tips episode 3

This weeks Hints and tips episode 3 is......

A whole online episode.

The idea came after a request for more information about what was needed for class, and the best way to show was to film it instead.

So head on over to the online tutorials to watch it, or you can watch on youtube

where you will find my affiliate links to the equipment on the Amazon influencer storefront to the main tools recommended in the episode. (That link is on the dropdown menu below the Shop too) There are a few categories in my store: ingredients, tools, baking and so on. If you are going to buy from Amazon, it would be amazing support if you click to buy from the store front (unless you can find it cheaper elsewhere of course).

So what is in the episode?

However, back to the episode, my first advice before you even watch it is

- have a look through your tools to see what you already have before you buy, you will be surprised if you have been making cakes even for a few months how much equipment you could build up.

(Nothing worse than duplicates)

- Next, look at the equipment list for the term. You don't need everything for week one, look to see when you need it and then you have time to have a look around. More importantly, you can ask in class about different types of tools available, as there are loads of brands. So, just because I recommend one brand, doesn't mean you can't use the brand you already have.

- After that, decide on your budget.

That is a really important one. Please don't feel the need to buy everything if it isn't appropriate right now. I can always suggest alternatives (such as in the video, I suggest using rose petal cutters for both the peony and eucalyptus leaves instead of buying both)

- Finally - the most important one

Ask!!! I really don't mind, that is what I am here for. Please just ask if you have a query. I can only do my best.

See you in class!


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1 Comment

Sep 07, 2020

Great info and tips!! Thanks!!! xXx

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