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And the fourth and final tutorial this week will be.......

That's right, including last Sunday, this coming Sunday's tutorial will make four tutorials online this week.

* How to make the Sorting Hat

* How to make buttercream

* How to make white chocolate ganache (and I give ratios for milk and dark too)

and this Sunday

* How to ice a cake with sharp edges

This will be the link and it will be active at 10am Sunday the 25th October

I know! That is a LOT! But they are core tutorials and I really wanted them on the site for you as soon as possible.

But that doesn't mean I don't have new tutorials coming up for you.

The Next Tutorials

* How to ice a board and create wood flooring


* How to finish the Harry Potter cake

will be going up after that

Lots to keep you busy, I hope you like them :D

Take care and happy caking


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