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I think we need a catch up!


This has been a year in the making and now, the very first kit is available.

The September Box - The Dragon chocolate Lollypop

£15 as a one time purchase

plus UK p+p (or click and collect)

or as a monthly subscription

where each month you will receive an original kit that has been created from a hand-sculpted design. Available with delicious Callebaut chocolate or with beautiful Vegan chocolate.

I just can't believe it is finally ready and available on the website now on the Kits to Create page (there is also a link on the home page and in the shop)

Here is the link Latest YouTube tutorials

Not one,

not two...............

Okay, let's talk about the first ones.

Why wouldn't you want to make crackers out of saracino, great to show how to sculpt realistic food.

Part two of the cake backdrop tutorial and getting down to the nitty gritty by adding to the airbrushed background using a paintbrush and edible dust colours.

Click the titles for the links to the tutorials.

Don't forget to click like, comment and even share to your friends. Every person that subscribes helps me grow the channel.

Kits to Create videos

Here you can watch the

Live unboxing and product reveal of the Dragon chocolate lollypop kit.

This was on Friday at 6pm, but don't worry if you missed it, the 32 minute live is on my YouTube channel. here is the link.

No time to watch? then watch the promo video revealing a little of the method behind creating the kit as well as boxing up the first kit. But don't forget, there is lots more in the live reveal

Monthly unboxing and tutorials

Each month when a new kit is released, there will be a live unboxing over on my youtube channel followed a few days later by a make-a-long tutorial where you can learn how to create your kit.

Of course, each kit contains instructions, but in the make-a-long I give lots of extra hints and tips as well as telling you multiple ways to temper your chocolate

October Kits to Create box

The design is well underway and will be revealed in the next couple of weeks to give you time to make your Halloween creations. Even more perfect when there are little ones to keep occupied during half term.

Last but not least

The first day class was on Saturday and in my absolute delight to be back, I forgot to take photos, so here is a photograph of the subject that was created

We had a fabulous day working with wafer paper.

  • cutting out

  • wiring

  • veining

  • learning three conditioning methods

  • assembling into stems

  • dusting

  • arranging into this delicate corsage

It was so fantastic to be back

Head over to the day classes page to see what is still available

Now I will be spending half term week making my last wedding cake............for a cake maker in business since 1999 I can't promise I will never make another cake as the temptation is too great when a fabulous design request is made, but for now, it is lovely to be able to finally make the re-scheduled design.

I will also be recording catch up videos for the weekly classes for Monday morning to dust and assemble the clematis and dusting the scabious

and for Tuesday evening dusting the wheat

and finally for Wednesday morning assembling the daphne

I will probably be doing this as a live straight into the group to avoid the usual up to 3 hours to upload each class, you are welcome to watch, however, It won't be a class, I will be doing my homework as well as the dusting and assembly, so won't be teaching other than to explain the relevant bits.

Demonstration Tuesday evening

I will be demonstrating for the national sugar art association, and get to make my meerkat again which is fab, so those of you that are members, will be able to watch

So it will be a busy busy week.

I hope you have a relaxing time. If you have work to catch up on, try to just use your normal class time to give you the rest of the week. But please don't worry too much. We are only two weeks in to the 10 week class, so there is loads of time :)

Have a great week.

Happy caking


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