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Happy Sunday

No YouTube tutorial today.

It was meant to be the cake-a-long tutorial for the dragon kits to create, but I realised that it was realised so close to the end of September, that not everybody had chance to hear about it or buy theirs,

so I have pushed the cake-a-long to the 10th October instead.

The image above was my first time using the brand new Airbrush by multi-award winning cake artist Clairella Cakes I am proud to be a clairella cakes ambassador, and look how fabulous it worked on these little saracino modelling paste leaves I made for an edible wreath for the wedding cake yesterday (You will have to wait for the next blog for photos)

However I did release the final part in the Japanese garden series earlier in the week, and that is available to watch over on YouTube on this link

What a busy week!

and boy was it busy!

My week off for catch up week is meant to be for students and myself to catch up with whatever we are making, but releasing the dragon kit meant that the first couple of days of the week were spent sending out kits to you lovely lot.

Here is just one of the batches I sent.

Each kit is packaged carefully in its box, which is then wrapped up and popped in this waterproof bag.

Thank you so much for buying, can I please ask you to share share share so that everyone hears about the kits.

and speaking of sharing...............................

Meet Hamish by Kelly McWilliam

I mentioned I sent out sample boxes to some incredible people in the industry that I admire, and one of these was the true sugar artist herself - Kelly McWilliam

Here is what she has to say

Now if you don't know Kelly, get on over to her facebook page "Kelly McWilliam - Sugar Artist" and be prepared to be wowed!

I first got to know Kelly properly when we were at the Dublin cake show and I got to see her gorgeous mermaid in the flesh and cheer her on when she was awarded best in class and rightfully so.

Kelly's inimitable style is instantly recognisable, and she used her own special touch to personalise the dragon.

How she did it

Kelly coloured some of the white chocolate with Fractal Colors orange gel and piped it into select areas in the mould, popped in the fridge for a few minutes, then filled the mould with the milk chocolate (adding the lolly stick of course). She followed the instructions all the way through, but then added her quirky touches with some white modelling paste by the Cake Dutchess for the eyeball and eyebrows, and a black dot with a food colouring pen then added the stunning Fractal Colors glowing bronze dust and sparkling gold for that magical glowing touch.

Thank you so much Kelly, I absolutely adore him!

Meerkat Demonstration

The little meerkat facing you here was made during my demonstration for the National Sugar Art Association earlier this week.

He is made from Saracino modelling paste and was coloured with a mixture of dust colour brands to show that they all work nicely on Saracino.

He was coloured with a mixture of dusting and painting which sits beautifully in all the texture added for his fur.

He joins his brother in the school room display cabinets, so pop along and say hi next time you are in.

Inspired by the fabulous Tracey Rothwell of Little Cherry cake Company, I am taking part in Caketober - a great way to make sure you post every day of October, so head on over to my instagram #dragonsanddaffs to see what I have posted so far.

So, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Please share share share (in the words of Paul Bradford) anything you see about the kits to all your family and friends. It is a brilliant present for any occasion and as Kelly proved, not just for kids! Every share really does help get the kit out there.

I am still missing a huge chunk of the business until I can travel to teach classes again, so the kits will hopefully help with even a small portion of that gap.

Back to resting up for me, ready for another lovely week of teaching, so I will see you there! :D

Happy caking Rhi

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