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Autumn Term Classes

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Here are the choices for weekly and fornightly classes starting 19th September onwards

As before, for the "Bring-your-own" classes, you can

  • watch from the comfort of your own home via Zoom,

  • make along at home via zoom

  • attend in person

  • or watch on catch up in the private facebook group where you can also ask any questions you have.

The recordings remain in the group for you to watch when you wish.

The all inclusive classes are in person only

All you have to bring is yourself for the cake class, the rest is provided for you.

For the all inclusive flower class, you will be given a list of cutters and veiners, but the equipment and ingredients will be available for you to use,

and you can still watch back the recordings.

Monday evening - Weekly

A flower class will be making these beautiful flowers and statement foliage including that all important classic rose.

10 weeks £100 (Bring your own ingredients and equipment. Online or in person)

Tuesday morning - Fortnightly A

A flower class - The flowers are still to be chosen, so if you choose to join, you can give me your wish list. 5 weeks held fortnightly £50 (Bring your own Online or in person)

Tuesday morning - Fortnightly B

This modelling class we will make a dragon and rider in your style of choice. Bring along inspiration pics and I will guide you. Fortnightly £60 (extra half hour per lesson) Bring your own. Online or in person. If you can model a teddy bear, you can do this!

tuesday evening mixed class

we have a lovely collection of both flowers and models, including animals as well as a person - great for all levels

£100 for 10 weeks, bring your own available in person and online

Wednesday Evening Sept Flowers

All inclusive class where we will make beautiful gladioli and wired butterflies.

Ingredients and equipment are provided but flower cutters/veiners are purchased by you. A list is on the class page for you.

Weekly 3 weeks 2 1/2 hour sessions £65. In person with recordings held online

Wednesday evening October Cake

We will work on a dummy cake but information will be given for working on real cake. Plus I have already created videos for ganaching and icing the cake.

We will be creating an oriental cake design with a range of detailed features such as a Cloud Tree, Dry stone wall, Koi in Water, Texture effects and more. Weekly 7 weeks 2 1/2 hour sessions £140 all inclusive, just bring yourself.

Will you be joining us?

There are the choices - some really lovely subjects again this term

- minus the Tuesday morning class, but that information will be on before the start of September. Last term we made a violet plant, cuckoo flower and buttercups - wonderful wild flowers that you will be able to see when you come to the school room, or ask and I can show you if you attend online

New to sugarcraft? Not sure what the tools are? I have a YouTube video that explains more about tools, but If you have any questions about the classes, please don't hesitate to ask. Just pop over an email.

Unsure which class to book?

If you are new to sugarcraft, my Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening are suitable for all levels - you never stop learning, and there are so many new things to learn.

Want to find out about cold porcelain flowers? My Monday evening I demonstrate with cold porcelain.

Want to improve your modelling? Tuesday morning we are making a dragon with a wire armature support and a modelled figure. If you can make a teddy bear and simple figures, then this will take you further on your modelling journey.

Want to make sugar flowers? Wednesday evening all inclusive will be in sugar, but my Monday evening and Tuesday morning you could choose to use sugar.

There will be a maximum of six in person spaces, if you are a returning student, please get in touch to reserve your space. Online spaces are still limited so that I can help all joining us.

I will have the online facebook groups ready by the end of the first week in September. When you have booked online and paid, you will then be able to click on the links on the autumn class pages and request to join the group.

Want to find previous classes you attended?

Visit the Class links page on the website - only for classes you booked and paid for. They are not open to new students

Counting down to September

Have a great summer, I will see you soon!


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