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Summer Term Classes are here!

First up, we have the Online flower group, wait until you see what the flowers were from this term, we actually finish this coming Monday due to me accidentally burning my hand and having to postpone, but I cannot wait to get into the school room this weekend and play with flowers (even if I have to cover just one finger, that is soooooo much better than it was!

What a lovely selection of flowers we will be playing with.

Whether you decide to just tune in and watch then watch the video replay at your leisure, or you want to work along, is totally up to you as you can ask questions while I make and the recordings will be there in the private facebook group for you and you can keep asking questions and interacting in the group.

Okay, this is going to be SO much fun! I can't wait!

This is a slightly longer class, it is a bring-your-own class but there is very little equipment and a small amount of ingredients required.

Can you imagine, a Bobble-head cake topper that..............wobbles! Fantastic!

My Bluebell fairy that I created for Cakeflix has captured a few hearts lately so I am creating a Rose Campion fairy for the Tuesday evening Bring-your-own class and we will learn how to make the wire armature - always a skill that people ask for - and I will not only show you how to make the head and hands from scratch, but I will also show you how to use moulds and adapt them for your use, so even if you are busy and want to make a figure, you can personalise it. This also works if you are new to sugarcraft, want to learn and practice, but don't feel ready yet.

I love a mix class and this one will be fab. Only three sessions, but the longer sessions are great value and these are all-inclusive so you don't need to bring anything at all.

You will learn how to make a modelled deer cake topper from Saracino, sculpt a mini hedgehog with a rice cereal treat base but we will chat about making larger versions from cake such as the sculptures you can see around the school room, and finally we will create a beautiful box of piped floral buttercream cupcakes.

I am always asked how to arrange flowers and in this "Sugar Flowers 101" class, we not only learn how to make a Peony, beautiful blossoms, my effective twisted willow which gives great structure to arrangements, but we will learn how to wire your flowers into a beautiful finished arrangement which will give both single and tiered cakes the wow factor.

But wait! There is more!

The Day Classes are coming back! I have missed you!

and by popular request, the first will be a Cartoon Cake Slice day class. Only a short session to start, this will let you keep some of your Saturday and will be a nice tea-time size cake that will be loads of fun to make.

I am working on class subjects, so keep an eye on the site as there are more to come.

I want to keep cake classes strictly limited to four people, but flower and modelling classes I will accept up to six.

As you can see, I also have an online class (Monday evening) and a hybrid class (Tuesday evening is both online and in-person), as well as a morning class on a Tuesday.

Places are strictly limited, so please use the buttons provided on the website or get in touch if you have any queries when booking.

Happy Caking


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