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January Term

Hello Hello!

What a fabulous term we have had.

It has been an incredibly busy term, so I have put my business head on to see what changes need to be made moving forward.

I know you are seeing less youtube videos, but I have a wealth of footage from classes, and will be editing short summary style videos for YouTube and the requested ones for stand-alone pre-recorded tutorials that you can purchase of the classes you wanted to attend. The pre-recorded tutorials are also on the shop page to make it easier now, as well as online E-Gift vouchers to make it easier and safer.

I have a crazy busy week coming up and then I will be sharing some images of the lovely subjects we have worked on this term.

But first, lets chat about the January term.

Weekly Classes

This January 2021 term we will be having the following weekly classes with 12 weeks on offer. They will be available both online and in person for you to be able to access the recordings (including the weekly all inclusive where previously only the floral class was saved online for you). The recordings will be held in private facebook groups, so I will be setting those up too.

  • Monday 7-9pm Floral Class - Bring your own for 12 weeks

  • Tuesday 10-12 - Choice of fortnightly lessons of either Week A flowers for six weeks or Week B Modelling for six weeks, or you can choose to do both. Bring your own class

  • Tuesday 7-9pm Mix of subjects including flowers, modelling and isomalt. Bring your own 12 week class

  • Wednesday 7-9pm Floral January class 3 weeks All Inclusive

  • Wednesday 7-9pm Cupcake Class 3 weeks All Inclusive

  • Wednesday 7-9pm Modelling class 6 weeks All Inclusive

The morning classes will now only be on a Tuesday morning and you can choose between doing both flowers and modelling at six weeks duration each held fortnightly (week A first with flowers then the following week is Week B with modelling). This means you have extra time to work on your subject.

But of course you can choose to do both.

More and more people are requesting evenings and weekends and this was the best way to organise this.

Equipment lists for the bring your own weekly classes will be online before Christmas as well as the new groups which you will be added to when you enrol.

Day Classes

The Day Classes timetable will be going up also before Christmas, so please let me know if you have any wishlist subjects.

There will be an

  • ombre buttercream drip cake class,

  • as well as re-scheduling the Mr Morris modelling class,

  • the next date for the essential skills class

  • and another date for the chocolate class just in time for Easter.

Kits to Create

You asked, so I have listened.

The new December kit is a cutie, and I will be doing the live un-boxing on Facebook on Monday the 13th December.

Feedback I have received said you preferred the un-boxings on Facebook rather than YouTube, so that is easy to do.

The other feedback was asking for kits of different sizes and different styles of kits, so I am stopping the subscription service because having kits of different prices and with different styles meant it is too complicated for this cake maker to work out the subscriptions for, so it is easier to just let you purchase as you choose. I would like to thank those of you that have subscriptions, and I hope you approve of this decision - especially since a number of you requested the changes, so I really hope you like them.

I am going to change to creating kits for special occasions and UK holidays, such as Valentines, Mothers Day, Easter etc etc rather than one every month.

I was also asked for letterbox-sized kits to allow you to send gifts easier and as I mentioned, you wanted different contents too, so I will have to make you wait until they are created for you to see.

You can still win a kit if you send in photographs of your finished product from one of my kits, so don't forget to send in your pictures for a chance to win.

that's all for today

Thank you again for all your support this term and in the past. It continues to be a very difficult time for small businesses and your support means a great deal. Please know that you are always welcome in class and it is always a pleasure.

I will pop another post up when the equipment lists are online and to share the finished classes photos.

Have a great rest of the weekend


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