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Changes to the school room

That was hilarious trying to put those screens up. But we are so impressed by the visibility.

Ignore the filming lights, I have an online class this weekend, so those big black softbox lights will be moved for class. The filming mounts will also be moved to the other side of my table and will point at the table only for your privacy. So let's talk about some of the changes made to the room.

New Screens

We now have suspended screens in the school. With two more mobile screens arriving asap.

New Layout

The room is now set up for only four students (although one class will have five as two are related), so the mats are on the table to show where people can safely sit. There is also a gap between tables to allow students to move around easier. We have also moved the sink to the end of this gap on the left hand side of the room.

New Chairs

These were planned for the summer term, but that, like everything else, was a little different, so, we now have lovely washable and still comfy chairs.

You are welcome to bring your own cushion if you would prefer, but we can't safely provide soft furnishings for the time being.

New Screen

The classes are dual - both in person and via zoom, so there is now a screen behind me so that I can also project the zoom spotlight video onto the screen making it easier for you to see details without having to leave your seat. Much safer. This is a trial to see if it helps, so any feedback would be greatly received.

The zoom recordings are uploaded onto the website to the password protected class pages. Don't forget to make a note of the password for your class even if you are an in person student so that you can refer to the recordings whenever you need them.

The Building

The premises are kept beautifully clean. There is loads of guidance around the building. Including distancing spots on the floor, screens at reception, hand sanitiser, and for the bathroom - there is a one person at a time policy.

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