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End of class Pics and subjects for April term

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

What a lovely term!

We made so much over the four classes.

Such varied subjects and so much to get your teeth into.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your company through the term.

So lets have a look at what we made

This cake to the left was created in the final session for Tuesday evening. Can you believe this was all done in one evening! Students worked on their individual desserts while I demonstrated this cake, sculpting the cake, ganaching, then adding the Agar Agar and decorations to the island as well as making another batch of Agar Agar during the session.

Monday morning Classes

The ladies had a wish list.

They wanted to create tropical flowers from air drying clay. This means that they can keep their flowers forever, but the techniques can easily be transferred to sugar for their future cakes. We created a stem of Gladioli, two birds of paradise, three anthurium as well as a little bonus of bourganvilleia flowers and leaves.

Next they created a cute bride and groom figure.

Finally we practised sharp edges on cake dummies and decorated our tiered design with a peacock. Yes it was a very busy term, but we may have snuck an extra week in there ;)

Monday Evening