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Grab a cuppa, it is update time.

It is now New Years Eve (just about), and I think we are all ready for a fresh new year.

I have a few things to tell you, first up, let's talk about

Weekly classes.

Most of the classes are finalised and ready to book. Here are the subjects.

Monday morning

* Flower work: Bird of paradise, Anthurium, Gladioli, Lisianthus (edited replay from a previous session for the (4 weeks)

* Cute Bride and Groom models (2 weeks)

* Peacock Cake (2 weeks)

Monday Evening

* Flowers using air drying clay and working on flower arranging.

So we will make Hibiscus, Chinese Jasmine flowers, buds and leaves and Eucalyptus leaves and will spend the last three weeks of the term assembling the flowers and leaves into sprays and arrangements, then taking them apart and creating a new shape the following week.

Tuesday Evening

2 weeks royal iced cookies

2 weeks on open rose with stamen centre

1 week on foliage

1 week on sharp edged covering and adding flowers

2 weeks on gelatine art indiviudal desserts),

Wednesday Morning

Subjects for this term include: We are splitting the term in two halves.

* First half will be making air drying clay flowers - we are kind of in love with how long we can keep them for without damage, but the techniques are always possible in sugar, so you are welcome to join us using either air drying clay or sugar florist paste - I love Squires Kitchen variety. We will be making Snowdrops, pansy, lavender and tulip for 5 weeks,

* then spending the next three weeks on cute little animal cake toppers.

A couple of changes

Tuesday morning - I haven't heard back if anyone has any wishlists or can return, don't worry if you can't, there is never any pressure, and goodness knows, everyone's lives have certainly changed. We can always return when it is more normal.

I am not going to run Wednesday evening until we are a little more back to normal as a number of my regulars can't make it this term due to new work commitments, but again, when life returns to a little more normal, we can always start them back up. Even if you usually attend on a certain day or time, you are most welcome to join any of the groups, we are a friendly bunch and you will be made most welcome.

Don't worry, all of the September term will remain on the website for you to watch as much as you wish, the new term has all new pages and therefore all new passwords, so after the new year, I will start contacting those that have already booked with the new passwords and zoom information.

As you know I have been running six classes a week and working 39 hours just during Monday to Wednesday for quite a while, so this year, I am going to be kinder to myself. I am going to condense down the number of classes according to demand.

This means I can change how I can offer classes.

New Single Sessions

I am going to use Wednesday evening to run single sessions in private facebook groups, starting once a month and adding additionals if required.

These are going to be demonstrations rather than working along, so you ask questions while I am demonstrating which I will answer while I demonstrate.

Then you are free to watch the demonstration as much as you like in the facebook group which means you can play and pause while you work.

The demonstrations will run to the same 2 - 2 1/2 hours and will be from 6:30pm.

Subjects and costs will be announced in here first and those who have the Cakers membership plan will get automatic access to all of these single Wednesday evening Sessions, so I will send you an invite to each session planned.

Website Changes

With the new term starting week commencing the 11th January, there are changes to the website, so don't forget to click refresh to see the latest version of the pages.

Main changes:

Weekly Class link on the home page

I popped an extra blackberry plant link near the top of the page (on the front of my white cupboard lol) that you can click to be taken straight to the weekly class page.

There are also links to each individual class at the very bottom of the website.

Weekly class page

This has been drastically condensed and now only has:

- a small amount of general information about the weekly classes, the rest of the information is on the individual pages.

- the links for both the January term and the previous September term Student pages (This is where all of the recordings will be held as before)

- the section to enrol and book on the January classes.

Weekly Class Pics Page

This is for the September Term and I will pop more pictures on there when I go back up the school in January - I left when we locked down and am trying to stay at home as much as possible as per government advice.

But wait! there is more.

If you have any questions about the new term, please do let me know.


Those that want to pay in installments (returners) just pay your deposit using the paypal button at the top of the page. You are most welcome to split the payments into three if it helps, or even just to register that you will be returning, and then pay the balance on the first day of term. I am flexible, you know that.

When we can return to in person

I think that even with the new vaccines, we still have to be patient.

The school is set up as you know to safely accommodate four students per session in person, and when we are allowed, I will discuss it with you. You are still welcome to watch online. Moving forward I am going to keep offering these dual classes, I have a new large screen going into the school at the other end of the classroom so that you can see easier and don't need to leave your seat. Those that don't live local or don't want to go to classroom environments yet, will be able to still continue from home as I will keep the camera pointed at my workbench. I will still use zoom too so that you are still involved in the class whether you come to the school or stay at home. I know we still have to wait for this, but I wanted to give you an update.

New Products

I am working on a few new products, they got put on hold due to family bereavements, but I will be starting back with them after class has started.

Soon I will be able to offer:

* custom cookie stencils (inscriptions)

* petal and leaf formers (clear food grade plastic)

* custom chocolate mould service

* custom personalised inscription cake toppers (card)

* new range of stencils

* I have also booked my author stand with cake international for November - here is hoping that the world normalises a little - I have missed CI in person.

Lots of new things on the horizon, I have all the equipment, so watch this space.

Have a good new year. I hope you can all be safe and happy.

See you soon


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