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Happy Sunday

I have very exciting news following the first ministers announcement yesterday, but first,

Lets have a look at what this weeks YouTube tutorial is.

The new YouTube tutorial today is one I have been looking forward to sharing.

A complete miniature Maple tree condensed down to 4 1/2 minutes.

I show you how to cut, wire, vein, assemble branches, add colour

and how to turn those branches into a tree perfect for celebration and wedding cakes.

I first made a maple tree for my gold medal-winning competition cake at Cake International back in 2014

This tree took 11 hours just to assemble. It was an autumn tree, therefore there were fallen leaves scattered around the base of the tree.

There was an edible swing with edible rope tied onto the horizontal branch that I watched a judge that I hold in high esteem - Lesley Herbert - gently push, and she literally squealed in delight when it swung. A huge moment for me.

At the base of the tree with a miniature fairy door mimicking the fairy door at the back of the base tier

and yes, that is an edible cobweb behind the tree. (Recipe in my book)

So I think you may have gathered that I am a little obsessed with trees by now, so without further ado,

Here is the Link, please like, comment and share to your friends.

School room changes

I know I have already posted that I have changed the school room to accommodate 6 students with the high hope that it would be possible, and.......

it is!

The Welsh first minister announced the move to alert level zero from yesterday

As in the previous post, there is my covid agreement on the weekly class page that all students agree to when they book, and the risk assessment is on display in the room.

Returning to 6 students instead of 9 feels a much more gentle return with all my screens in place.

Private Bookings

You can also book the classroom for a private group if there is a particular subject you would like to learn together, that includes groups of up to 6 including adults and children (children must always have an adult present included in that number of 6).

I will pop these into the shop on Monday, but you are welcome to email on if you have any queries.

Have a great weekend Rhi

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