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Happy Sunday

It is Sunday morning and time for a new YouTube video, but before I tell you a little more about it, I want to say make sure you read to the bottom to find out the latest class news.

Last September, we joyfully started back classes, only to end up back in lockdown.

But before we did, we made lots of fabulous things, and even managed to squeeze in extra content like these horse chestnut and Oak stems.

In this particular class, we were having a lovely time chatting away while we had a fab time making these, so I have edited down the 2 hour class to just under 38 minutes. (Also removing as much of the bad internet that day, and the times I don't show to camera, as the students were in the room rather than online, so this was nothing more than a reminder - but I thought, as it was an extra subject as we finished the other part early, I thought you might like to see it).

With this video, you even have time to watch and make along, with a few little pause button presses now and then. The equipment list is in the description over on YouTube.

If you have any questions about it while you make it, please ask away.

There will be a part 2 for colouring and assembling the stems, but in plenty of time for those Autumnal/Fall Cakes.

More new classes I hear you say?

Yes more! I have re-scheduled day classes that we couldn't have last year, and I really can't wait.

But let's have a look at the extra Tuesday morning weekly class that has been schedule for those who want to spend more time working on their modelling. This term we will be all about the detail, neatening up our faces and hands and adding more detail to clothing, and even a home for our character.

Oh and of course, we had to throw some flowers in there, a beautiful stem of Moth Orchid buds and flowers, perfect for those special cakes.

Day Classes

Pictures say a thousand words, so I will just pop them here for you to see.

All are available to book on the day classes page (under classes and demonstrations on the menu), and if you have a deposit on a class, I have already sent out the emails, so if you haven't heard back, please have a look in your spam box or get in touch on You are also welcome to swap from one class to another with your deposit too.

These are all all inclusive classes, so all you need to bring is an apron and your packed lunch.

(I thought it safest not to offer that for now).

There is tea and coffee included, but if you feel safer, you are most welcome to bring your own mug/water bottle.

The Chocolate class is the week before Christmas so that you can hopefully share what you make with family and friends, but is restricted to 4 places - it is a popular class that I have taught many times over the years, and I have always restricted it to 4 people.

Lots of exciting things, and I dearly wish I could tell you what else I have been working on that will be launched in September, but you will have to wait............................

Happy Caking


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