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Happy Sunday

This weeks tutorial is 40 minutes long and a real-time make-a-long tutorial on how to make both the milk and white chocolate lollies from the kit.

It also has a little extra info on how the fabulous Kelly McWilliam made hers.

You can watch the tutorial over on YouTube on this link

What's Occurring

I have been super busy with Cake International work this weekend but I still found time to complete the design and new moulds for the October kit and I can't wait to show you!

But for now,,........................this is all you will see!

What hints can you get from that! In that box is the master copy of the mould and a few hints on top

Subscribers will be receiving their October kit before the Live unboxing over on YouTube on Friday the 15th October at 6pm

Anyone who purchases as a one off, theirs will be sent to arrive after the live unboxing

On Tuesday the 26th October, during half term, there will be a real time make-a-long tutorial for the October kit - perfect timing to keep the kids happy, and even better, it can be watched whenever you like.


Each month you will be able to win the next Kit!

All you have to do is make the design up from the kit

You can even personalise it with your own colours, add extras using chocolate or supplies from your cupboards at home, the more create the better! But you can also make the kit following the instructions.

Send in the finished kit photograph - you can be in it if you like - and you will be entered into the draw to win the next kit including UK postage and added to the gallery on the Kits to Create page

How exciting is that!

Right! I have to run back to my Cake International work, enjoy the rest of your Sunday

Happy caking Rhi

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