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New Online Tutorials

Hi there!

Thank you for joining the site. I am so grateful for your support.

And for those of you that don't know, I am just starting my new membership website, and there are multiple paid plans as well as general membership. So head on over to the website and join my new cake community.

For those of you with me right from the beginning (that seems strange when I have been in business for over 21 years, but it is a new normal, so I see the business as having a fresh start too). I have been adding more online tutorials to the website for you.

For my Cakers -

Thank you very much to those that have purchased the Cakers membership plan.

I have added a few tutorials for those of you that purchased the Cakers membership plan and don't worry, there are more to come.

1. Swarovski Crystal Cake jewellery tutorial.

This was such a popular thing to do back when crystals first started appearing on wedding cakes. I wanted to create a safe way to do it. This was originally a PDF tutorial and it has now received an upgrade to a full video tutorial.

2. Cute little bunny rabbit model tutorial.

This was originally part of a weekly class held during the summer term, and this little bunny was much requested so is now a tutorial that can be purchased (along will all the other paid for tutorials on the site, but of course, they are included in the Cakers membership plan.

3. Steampunk Cake Class lesson 1