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New tutorial heads up

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I promised I would give you things to do during half term and while we are locked down.

So first up

Here is the first tutorial which will be live at 10am on Wednesday morning

Here is the link that will go live then

I made a wire armature using 2 x 18g white wires and a 24g wire to fix them together and provide the support for the bat, the rest was made with saracino modelling paste

Halloween Cupcake-a-long on the Dragons and Daffodils Cakes facebook page

Remember the Easter Cake-a-longs?

well I thought this time we would dress one of the cupcakes as a mini illusion cake.

I will be demonstrating these three cupcakes at a speed that you or any children in the family can cake along.

Let's talk optionals.

* You don't have to have dust colour

* You can pick ANY colour you like for the hat, pumpkin and cat

* If you don't have a dresden, it doesn't matter, you can use a paintbrush or even your finger

* No glue? no problem. - Water in a ramekin will work perfectly.

* no circle cutter? just look for a cup/beaker/glass/mug with the same circle size as the top of your baked cupcake

* no rolling pin? we can always splat the paste flat.

I really just want to have a fun hour or so making these.

You will need:

* three cupcakes

* buttercream - to make it extra tasty (up to 6 ounces)

* approximately 250g sugarpaste in total - colour choice up to you.

And finally

Instead of the weekly tutorial on Sunday, it will be on Saturday instead - I thought it was a cute and appropriate cake for Halloween

Here is the link. It will be live on Saturday at 10am

And finally

something very cool

did you see the bite size Video of my country cottage cake tutorial I made for cakeflix?

well this bite size video has been viewed over

1 million times!!!!!

totally crazy right?

wow! I was blown away

(that is a pic of the number of views - the bite size vid is over on the cakeflix fb page if you scroll down the videos)

if you are interested in purchasing the tutorial, here is my affiliate link for cakeflix

and that’s all folks

How is that for a bit to keep you going this week

I will have one tutorial as normal the following Sunday the 8th November and will pop the info here as normal,

but I will do another leave for the second circuitbreak lockdown week

Hope you are all staying safe


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