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New Tutorial - How to ganache a cake

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Well, how is that?

Right now I am deep in the middle of filming tutorials, but by the magic of scheduling, I can share a brand new tutorial with you before it goes onto my youtube channel.

This is how to : * Split and fill

* Ganache

A 6" tall 6" wide chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream available to all those that subscribe to my website.

Next up

A few days after will be a "how to ice a board with woodgrain effect",

then, next week:

"How to ice a cake with sharp edges"

Purely to keep you occupied while I film and edit the full Tawny owl tutorial for the Cakers Membership as it takes AGES! lol. (Don't worry, that will be available to purchase separately too)

Hopefully, by the time you have read this, the tutorial will have uploaded and will be on this link , so as always, if you have any questions please ask.

Hope it is useful.

Stay Safe and Happy Caking


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1 Comment

Hillary Boyle
Hillary Boyle
Sep 08, 2021

Great reaading

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