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Oops a Daisy!

Said in my best Hugh Grant voice, I did an oops a Daisy!

I am afraid that for Tuesday evenings session I failed to hit the record button.

I have gone and changed all the settings for all of the upcoming classes for the rest of term to automatically record.

It is my fault, I don't press record at the start so that you can all chat and say hello and get logged in before the recording starts.

So it just means now that the recording will start from the minute I press start meeting.

I was going to just record the arms, head and hair, which for me would only be a 10-15 minute session, so I have decided instead to do a facebook live with a new figure by way of apology. This figure will have the boys face and hair, but I will explain during the demonstration where the simple hands I demonstrated last night end and I will go on and make fingers so you will get that too.

I will upload this to the class recordings for you. I will be going live at 4:15pm today Wednesday the 30th September over on my facebook page, so hopefully I will see some of you there, if not, you will see the recording in the group.

I would love to show you this wonderful figure created by Ann (I hope you don't mind Ann),

but isn't he gorgeous!

We had already made the boat, legs, shorts, shoes, body

Last night I first showed the arms and sleeves, then the head and hair and how to curl the hands around the oars. (I will explain all of this in my live too)

Well done Ann and everyone