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September Weekly Classes and more

Hello all, I know I have already put the classes on the website, but I have just been told something very useful by one of my lovely students.

Splitting Payments

If you log in to Paypal to pay for your weekly classes using the class buttons on the website, Paypal now gives you the option to pay in three instalments interest free! Very nifty.

I had no idea.

About the Classes

All of the information is on the weekly classes page on how to book, and there are new pages for September weekly classes and the new All Inclusive september weekly classes

  • Equipment lists are on the september weekly class page and in the facebook groups

  • Enrol on the Weekly class page then request to join the facebook group

  • Once you are in the group, you can ask away over the summer if you have queries

  • Picture inspiration is added to the facebook group

  • I will be adding cutter and veiner pictures in the facebook group too, but nudge me if you need pics sooner, as I have different work to do during summer holidays

  • If you enrol for in person, you can still attend via zoom if you need to. Just ask me for the zoom code (for zoom students, it is in your bookings)

  • Places are currently maximum of four but I am waiting to see what the first minister says this week. I have already set up the school for six places, but can obviously easily keep this to four without moving the room around

  • I have suspended screens a plenty in the school room, but it doesn't feel busy with the new layout

Previous weekly classes Recordings

A little update on my uploading of previous classes, I now only have the September 2020 term to do. I had to take a little break from uploading them, as it takes two solid days per term for just one of the sessions, and I can't use my laptop while that is happening, but I will be carrying on uploading from next week.

However, if there are any sessions that you particularly need urgently, please do email and let me know and I will make them a priority.

All the facebook page links are already on the weekly class links page, and if you were enrolled on that class you are welcome to join now, even if I am still to upload. But it means you have an easy way to find the links without having to search all over facebook.

Search Bar

I also worked out how to add the search bar today............don't ask..............cake maker not web designer lol

I have made this available on every page for you.


I hope you have discovered and are enjoying the free uploads onto YouTube every Sunday.

I did have a break for the first part of the year, but am back and busy, with this weeks tutorial already uploaded and scheduled for Sunday morning. It is a timelapse tutorial of how to make the Miniature Maple tree from a previous Wednesday morning class on the Japanese garden (still a firm favourite of mine) reduced from multiple sessions down to 4 minutes 38 seconds.

Wish I could work that fast!

It would be great if you could subscribe to my YouTube, watch, like, comment and even share.

They are not quick to do, and I am really trying to grow the page which takes a very long time to do.


There is a subscribers bar at the bottom of the website, and with GDPR, that is the only way I can send emails out to subscribers safely now. I won't do it very often as I have the blog to do, so this will only be done at the start of a new term for the weekly classes, or if I add new day classes to the website, so make sure you subscribe if you would like to get information.

Right! Back to work! I have shop products to pack ready for posting tomorrow. If you have any questions, you can either click the members chat button below, or email me on, or message me how you normally do.

Happy Caking


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