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The Sorting Hat

Tomorrow morning will soon be here, so I am here giving you a heads up that this weeks tutorial is going to be

The Harry Potter sorting hat cake topper.

This was the topper to go with the wand tutorial last week.

It was a rice cereal treat shape, sculpted then covered with the paste and painted to finish.

Really fab to do. I will also have a quick view of the whole cake on there soon.

Here is the link ready for tomorrow

Top 20 UK cake blogs

A little while ago I posted about how I was lucky to have been placed number 13 in the UK top 20 cake blogs. I am totally amazed to still see my blog at the same position. That is fantastic.

To see lots of fab blogs, visit the site on this link It is a great site, have a little look around.

Twit Twoo

And that is all folks.

It is a short one today as I am busy uploading the owl tutorial. It is a BIG tutorial, so will take a few days to upload, so rather than keeping you waiting, I will upload a lesson at a time so that the Cakers members get to see it sooner rather than later.

I hope you enjoy it.


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