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Weekly Class Zoom Access

Hello Hello!

I sent everyone zoom invites that were needed last week, but did you know, that if you have booked via the site, or if you have joined the site, I can make sure that you have your zoom info online.

And why have I popped the steampunk cake here? Well, I am still editing away (I am on episode 4). As these are being edited so that you could enrol on the class even if you weren't there that term.

This is a huge class! As it was originally an 8 week class. We actually finished the cake on week six, so I did a little bonus of a dragon, and we also did cookies - both royal iced and sugarpasted.

(The steel grass I made as an extra for the collab, but that will also be included in the dragon week)

How to find the zoom code

1. You need to join the members area.

2. Go into the members area using the drop down menu.

3. Sign in

4. Choose the "My bookings" option from the members menu on the left.

5. You will see your bookings, and the zoom information should be on there.

Forum sections

I am setting up sections for each class in the forum, so you have somewhere you can ask questions etc

Most important tool for Monday evening class this week?

The PME Taper star 5/6 tool (amazon affiliate link below)

Seriously one clever little tool because you can make so many flowers without it.