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Weekly Classes

Ah, what a term! We also covered cakes with sharp edges, made forget me nots and did cocoa butter painting, but here is a preview of the images that I will be adding to the weekly classes gallery.

Enrolment is now open

If you would like to join us, here is a little about the January term of classes

  • Both in person and online offered for "bring-your-own" classes including the option to re-watch in private facebook groups

  • all inclusive Wednesday evening classes have a slightly different balance in the number of weeks per subject to provide variety

  • Returning students that attended the September 2021 term are able to reserve their places with a £20 deposit paid using the paypal button at the top of the page - please also email on to let me know which class and I will remove that place off the website for you.

  • New students can reserve their places by booking using the buttons on the website.

So what will we be doing?

Monday Evening (weekly for 12 weeks, Bring-your-own)

Flower making can be really relaxing. Whether you are new to flowers or not, it is all about breaking down techniques and the air drying clay makes it a lot easier to learn as there are less breakages. I will be demonstrating using cold porcelain/air drying clay, you could use sugar if you wish.

We will be making a sorbet peony, Gallardia, Tobacco flower, Acer foliage, Echinacea.

Tuesday Morning

Group A Flowers (fortnightly for 6 weeks, Bring-your-own)

This will be a fortnightly group making five varieties of flowers - Azalea, Bourgainvillea, Chamomile, Wisteria and Dahlia

I will be working in cold porcelain, but you can choose to work in flowerpaste.

Group B Models (fortnightly for 6 weeks starting on week 2, Bring-your-own)

This will be a fortnightly group. Miniatures in Sugar. This term we will be making a beautiful miniature village of individual buildings that would look equally fantastic on cupcakes, single or tiered cakes or even as a display

Tuesday Evening (weekly for 12 weeks, Bring-your-own)

This will be a mix subject group. We will be covering everything from a pond theme design creating a sugar waterlily, isomalt water and splash and a dragonfly as well as spring flowers, pansies, snowdrops, primrose a board side design making ruffles and adorable spring animals

Wednesday Evenings (All Inclusive classes)

January Flowers Group (3 weeks)

Flower making can be really relaxing. Whether you are new to flowers or not, it is all about breaking down techniques and learning to work with the paste and tools.

February Cake Group (3 weeks)

Beautiful buttercream flower cupcakes are a real treat not just to eat, but to see. We will make a variety of designs in this course. We will also be learning how to use stencils on cupcakes, first sugarpasting, then using the stencils with dust colours to make beautiful designs

March/April Modelling Group (6 weeks)

Modelling is such a useful skill for everyone, but can be quite nerve wracking.

I will break this down to the basics while we learn to make a character (elephant), an animal (golden retriever) and a standing person (fairy) using Saracino modelling paste. You will learn how to make a wire armature for your figure and even be able to vote on the final model of the term

Ready to book?

The new facebook group links are already on the pages.

All you need to do is pay your £20 deposit per class for returning students using the paypal button at the top of the page, or pay in full for new students using the shop buttons on the weekly/all inclusive weekly class pages and then click on the facebook link and request to join the group.

Even if you are attending in person, this is a great place for you to ask questions, and I will also be adding photographs of flower cutters and veiners and templates.

The equipment lists are also already on the weekly class pages (quick link at the very bottom of the home page for those of you viewing on phones)


So it just remains for me to say a very big thank you to everyone that attended the weekly classes, I know not all of you can watch live or attend in person, but I have absolutely loved seeing your finished work on social media, a huge achievement in the times we live in.

I really look forward to seeing you all in January.

If you have any questions, please ask on or in any of the facebook groups you are in and I will be happy to help.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Stay safe


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