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Weekly Classes

Ah, what a term! We also covered cakes with sharp edges, made forget me nots and did cocoa butter painting, but here is a preview of the images that I will be adding to the weekly classes gallery.

Enrolment is now open

If you would like to join us, here is a little about the January term of classes

  • Both in person and online offered for "bring-your-own" classes including the option to re-watch in private facebook groups

  • all inclusive Wednesday evening classes have a slightly different balance in the number of weeks per subject to provide variety

  • Returning students that attended the September 2021 term are able to reserve their places with a £20 deposit paid using the paypal button at the top of the page - please also email on to let me know which class and I will remove that place off the website for you.

  • New students can reserve their places by booking using the buttons on the website.

So what will we be doing?

Monday Evening (weekly for 12 weeks, Bring-your-own)

Flower making can be really relaxing. Whether you are new to flowers or not, it is all about breaking down techniques and the air drying clay makes it a lot easier to learn as there are less breakages. I will be demonstrating using cold porcelain/air drying clay, you could use sugar if you wish.

We will be making a sorbet peony, Gallardia, Tobacco flower, Acer foliage, Echinacea.

Tuesday Morning

Group A Flowers (fortnightly for 6 weeks, Bring-your-own)

This will be a fortnightly group making five varieties of flowers - Azalea, Bourgainvillea, Chamomile, Wisteria and Dahlia

I will be working in cold porcelain, but you can choose to work in flowerpaste.

Group B Models (fortnightly for 6 weeks starting on week 2, Bring-your-own)

This will be a fortnightly group. Miniatures in Sugar. This term we will be making a beautiful miniature village of individual buildings that would look equally fantastic on cupcakes, single or tiered cakes or even as a display

Tuesday Evening (weekly for 12 weeks, Bring-your-own)

This will be a mix subject group. We will be covering everything from a pond theme design creating a sugar waterlily, isomalt water and splash and a dragonfly as well as spring flowers, pansies, snowdrops, primrose a board side design making ruffles and adorable spring animals