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Weekly Classes Update

Well hello!

Only one more class to go this week and the first week of classes for some of you will be complete.

We made a little bird this week, so I am sharing the pic of Cyril and Mr Bird from my book here (available from the online shop).

Weekly class private pages

These are gradually having the password applied. So once the first class has happened, and the video is uploaded, the password is now needed. So if you can't remember what I said during the first class, message me and I will let you know.

So that means, the videos are gradually being added as each class is done.

I am experimenting with different ways of doing it, and think I may have just found the fastest way of getting them online.

Those worried about being on camera. I can't work out how to remove voices, but the videos are of my hands - or the spotlight video.

So I have edited out a few little patches to protect your privacy, but I love hearing you all interact, it is absolutely wonderful to be back in class, whether online or via zoom.

Which brings me to:

In Person or via Zoom

Now, the whole idea for the option for both, was to limit the number of people in the classroom to make you safe. I know I have screens, but I am not comfortable with the idea that if you stay facing forward and wear a mask, you can sit side by side - SO that is why when you come to class you have a table each and a screen in front of you.