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What a Week!

Classes returned this week, and it was SO good to be able to welcome people back to the school room, whether in person or online.

Before I give you all the latest news, here is the YouTube tutorial for this week, something I have been asked lots of times, How to made Isomalt Eyes for characters, but I thought it was the perfect tutorial in the run up to halloween too for all those spooky cakes. Here is the link

I also released another tutorial this week - a YouTube #shorts video of a fabulous Monday morning class which brought back lots of lovely memories when I was editing.

Part one is how to airbrush a background, and part two will be mid week next week to paint the cottage and all the details.

I will also release a #shorts for the figure

Perfect if you like to watch scenes coming together. Click for the Link

Weekly Classes

It was so lovely to start back.

Zoom did it again and had updates while we were on summer holidays, so it is always fun trying to learn quickly. Nothing like it lol

But we are back. There are five classes this term which are no longer open to enrolment, but I have had a few on classes that asked if they can attend other classes too which is no problem as the first recording is already up online and you can easily catch up.

Likewise, if you know a past student who didn't realise we were back who still wants to join us, let them know and ask them to get in touch. Nobody will be able to join after we finish.

The classes are held via zoom and the recordings are stored in private facebook groups (as we did last term). It still takes time to do this, so please bear with me and allow up to two days for the recordings. If they are not there then, please get in touch, as sometimes they are uploaded but it doesn't save properly.

There are catch up weeks blocked out which gives you the time to catch up and me the time to record additional videos such as colouring videos (The clematis monday am class dusting session will be in the first catch up session)

All inclusive Weekly classes

These are held on a Wednesday evening and as the title suggests, everything is ready for you.

For the first five sessions we are working on sugar flowers, then the next course starts after that and is three weeks of modelling, then the final two weeks course is a sharp edge covering.

All the info is on the pages, and I have simplified them down too to remove un-necessary information and clean up the website a little.

There are still hyperlinks at the very bottom of the website to the september weekly class page.

Previous weekly class recordings.

There is a hyperlink at the bottom of the page for the "Weekly class links" where you can find the links to the facebook groups where the recordings are held.

If you attended those classes, all you need to do is click on the link for the term you attended and it will take you straight to the facebook group. Request to join and I will add you.

Not available to those that didn't attend that term.

Day Classes

I have quite a list of day classes available this term, and am going to be regularly adding short one evening classes on a Thursday evening. These are all inclusive classes and run for 2 1/2 hours. A perfect bite size class for busy people that can't commit to the full 10 week terms. I have also added the popular essential skills single tier cake class where you split, fill, ganache, ice with sharp edges and make sugar flowers, a wafer paper fan, hoop and work with gold leaf.

Kids Classes

I have planned cupcake classes for October half term. These are halloween themed. However, if there is a firebreak lockdown, there will be the option to reschedule to a christmas themed class or a refund. These classes are for one adult and one child and you each decorate 3 cupcakes to create a 6 cupcake box.

All of these classes are under the "Classes and Demonstrations" link on the website menu, as well as information about the online tutorials - from pre-recorded tutorials as one off purchases to my YouTube channel link.

The Website

As I mentioned, I am trying to simplify down the website, so if you have any problems finding pages, can you let me know and I will add a hyperlink to the very bottom of the page to make it easier for you.

I have also removed the slider gallery buttons from the shop so now all the items are just listed. Someone was struggling to find my book on the site as the gallery was slid past, and they didn't realise you could slide the gallery, so I have simplified.

From phones? If you press the three lines it will bring up the main menu. If you click slightly to the right of each menu item, it opens up the section and you can see all the other options. eg "Classes and Dems" if you click to the right of that, you will see "Weekly classes, day classes, day classes gallery, demonstrations and pre-recorded tutorials"

Each mobile is different so it may look slightly different

The social media links are at the bottom and should scroll as you look at the site too.

However, if you notice anything untoward, please can you let me know so I can make it as easy as possible for you.

Online Shopping

I am discovering more and more that it is difficult to get hold of products, so here are a few links to companies selling useful cake decorating equipment and ingredients. It is easier to buy from within your own country now due to recent changes, so if you are struggling to find something, let me know and I will see what I can find for you.

The Vanilla Valley, Nantgarw - our local

Finishing Touches Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed

The Cake Decorating Company Nottingham, very good general cake supplies

Cake Stuff Scotland , very good general cake supplies

A Piece of Cake Thame, great for flower cutters and veiners, wires, stamen etc

Sugarin UK Scotland, really good for specialist flower making

Artificial floral supplies, moy road industrial estate - reels of ribbons, crystal cake decorations as well as craft supplies, sewing, floristry and fabulous christmas decorations

The Works craft supplies, great for cheap brushes

Sweet Creations Co Wicklow

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe and happy caking.


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