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What a Week!

Classes returned this week, and it was SO good to be able to welcome people back to the school room, whether in person or online.

Before I give you all the latest news, here is the YouTube tutorial for this week, something I have been asked lots of times, How to made Isomalt Eyes for characters, but I thought it was the perfect tutorial in the run up to halloween too for all those spooky cakes. Here is the link

I also released another tutorial this week - a YouTube #shorts video of a fabulous Monday morning class which brought back lots of lovely memories when I was editing.

Part one is how to airbrush a background, and part two will be mid week next week to paint the cottage and all the details.

I will also release a #shorts for the figure

Perfect if you like to watch scenes coming together. Click for the Link

Weekly Classes

It was so lovely to start back.

Zoom did it again and had updates while we were on summer holidays, so it is always fun trying to learn quickly. Nothing like it lol