Air drying clay and Cold Porcelain have been around for a long time. As realistic as sugar flowers but they last for years and years


These flowers are very resiliant so they are great to post


These contain wires and florist tape


How to Order

I have been making flowers for 24 years and teaching students how to make them for over 20 years. 

Here you are able to order the flowers in stock.    These are hand crafted, and I will add flowers as I make them through the year.

Where can you use them?

  • To arrange on cakes

  • To add to indoor wreaths

  • Table arrangements

  • Gifts arranged to sit in a vase

  • and realistic plants in a pot

If you would like to enquire in advance of the flowers being added, or if you have a custom order in mind, please get in touch with your requirements and the date you would like them for.  I hope you enjoy the sneak peek below.

5 wreath with poinsettia holly jasmine i

Use them for your indoor wreaths

I absolutely adore a wreath. Whether hanging on a door, above a fireplace or on the table with candles in the centre.


I will have a limited number of wreaths and will post in the blog when I add new pieces to this shop page. 

Each piece has hand crafted keepsake flowers which you can safely pop in a box and bring out year after year.

I will also be adding arrangements and plants as they are made. 

The wreaths left and right were last years and I adored making them.

Air Drying Clay Shop