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Crafty Keepsakes

I have ALWAYS loved crafts. 

A handmade keepsake craft made just for you is a wonderful gift. 

If you would like to commission a bespoke item, please use the email link below.

hedgehog cropped.jpg

What is on my mat

Needle felting is such a relaxing thing to do. 

I still get to create, but it lasts a little longer than cake.

My latest keepsake I am working on is this little chipmunk who is just waiting for his paws.

You can also spot my little badger pin cushion which I can't work without.

on my workmat 6th november 2020.jpg

A little about my keepsakes

Each needle felted product needs to be stabbed thousands of times. That is why I have stitched or tied on a "made with love" heart. You are welcome to snip these off if you wish. 

The average animal can take 3-6 hours to make and this will be reflected in the cost.

I use high quality wool including Corriedale, Merino, Leicester curls, Shetland, Gotland, natural stone.   


I work with 100% wool. There is no packing or filler inside each product

Items that have eyes have been glued in with non toxic glue. 


Care of your Needle Felted Keepsake

These are not toys or made for small children. They are decorative items. 

Please do not put in washing machine or leave outside.

Indoor use only

Not to be used for animal toys - animals shouldn't eat wool, but they would like to.

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