Welcome to the Weekly Classes page. 

The April term will start back week commencing the 12th April and will run online

for 8 sessions until the 21st June incl. (not including half term & select dates) for £80

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  • Enrollment for the April term is now open.  Classes start week beginning the 12th April and run for 8 sessions (please note the dates as there are gaps for half term and cake international.   Scroll down for the booking buttons.

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  • Links to the facebook private groups where the recordings will be stored. They take up to 2 days to upload (depending on the internet) and will remain there for you to watch whenever you wish.  Please use the booking buttons below to book then request to join the relevant facebook group.

  • The zoom link for the live online class will be on the facebook page from the day you book. (Zoom links are also under "my bookings" in the members section. )


  • No more passwords to make things easier. Instead, the zoom links are in your bookings in the member sessions and on the private facebook page.

TIP - copy and paste  your zoom code off that page (or in your bookings in the members section of the website) and the facebook page link into your phone, so all you need to do on the night is click

Class Subjects April Term 2021

Monday 10-12 12th April 8 weeks (not including half term)

Air drying clay flowers including Bleeding Heart, Oxalis flowers and leaves, Miss Jekyll (love in a mist), Agapanthus. There will be an emphasis on dusting.

Monday 7-9pm 12th april 8 weeks (not including  half term)

Dahlia and leaves, fuschia and leaves, freesia and leaves, lily of the valley using air drying clay (we work in this as you can keep them forever, but the techniques transfer to sugar easily)

Tuesday 7-9pm 13th April 8 weeks   not including half term

A mixed class subject including a Wafer paper Dahlia flower, modelled figure and carved handbag cake

Wednesday 10-12 14th April 8 weeks (not including half term

A flower class - flowers to be confirmed


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