Cakers Access Updates

Thank you so much for bearing with me during the site design.

I had to change over to the new site far sooner than planned because my other website host kept crashing.

What to do now!

There are some changes to the layout to help the access problem.

Cakers Tutorials - Click Refresh

These are exactly where they were, but please can you click refresh each time you access a page.

Every page on the website is constantly being updated, so you need to update the cache by clicking refresh - on every single page at the moment as I have updated everything.

(I am not a computer person, so I can't explain it brilliantly, but your computer will automatically save the page and won't necessarily show you the latest updates - so always click refresh when you enter a page that could have updates, such as pages containing tutorials or weekly class pages when info can be added weekly)

Your page has the links to the individual videos themselves all in one place to save you searching. This afternoon I am also adding the links to the pages for each of those classes too. Again to save you the hassle of looking around. I want life for my cakers to be as easy as possible.

Individual Pricing Plans

Each of the online tutorials that are for sale will now have their own page. This was the easiest way to avoid the glitch.

Although this is hidden from the menu, they are all on the Tutorials shop page.

Instead of video links, they are now links to the plan pages.

On that page, you will have equipment lists (unless they are included on the video) and any other photos I need to show you.

The Cakers Tutorials pages have the actual videos themselves, to save you looking for them, so if you want further information, just head on over to the tutorials shop.

All of this is gradually being added as it is a HUGE task. Each video seems to take 3 hours or so to upload and I am not the most patient as I want it all there for you instantly lol.

This has sadly delayed the next online tutorial available to cakers (first was the swarovski crystal tutorial) which will be the owl, so I do apologise for that, but I needed to make sure you could access the information already on here.

Tutorial Requests

A couple of you still need to give me your wish lists for a full tutorial, this is as a thank you for joining the plan, so I would dearly love to hear your suggestions. I won't ask you individually in case you didn't particularly want to.

Any questions.

Please please ask if you have any questions, I am always here to help.



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