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Happy Sunday - My new tutorial and a catch up

I hope you have had a fabulous week.

I have been busy preparing tutorials in advance before I start to get busy with classes again, so content is already organised until the start of October.

This weeks tutorial is part 2 of the Oak and Horse chestnut tutorial. This time, it is all about adding colour and assembling into gorgeous branches that you can either add to an arrangement or pop in a vase.

It really does help if people watch, like and drop a comment to help me grow the page, so everyone who has watched..........a huge thank you! Don't forget to scroll back through my videos as there are now 60 videos on my channel! Including playlists for Halloween and Harry Potter

Don't forget to check out the all important basics such as making buttercream and ganache, ganaching and icing your cake with sharp edges.

Here is the link for the tutorial.

But wait there is more!

Did you spot an extra tutorial appearing on my YouTube channel this week?

This is a full HD tutorial filmed for the website, but as I am not hosting tutorials on the website any more, I thought it would be nice to share.