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New Youtube video

Happy Sunday!

Here is a timelapse of the Steampunk dragon lesson from the online Steampunk cake class which is now available to view over on my youtube channel on this link

Make sure you subscribe as I am busy creating videos during the summer.

Once you have enrolled, there are seven lessons for you in the private facebook group including equipment list and the ability to ask as many questions as you wish.

Back in April 2020 when the world paused, we continued online learning in Facebook private groups. This was the subject for my Monday evening class and was held over 8 weeks, but as I was demonstrating each week, we squeezed in the dragon as an extra week. (And cookies for the final week too)

I worked in polystyrene so that we could use up what we already had rather than buying in ingredients - remember how hard it was to buy flour? - but I explain how to carve using cake.

We also worked on texture and colour and I added in a wafer paper feather too along with a handmodelled paste option.

No moulds? No problem - during the class I also showed how to create cogs by hand.

The steel grass was something I made outside of the class as the image against black was my submission for a steampunk cake collaboration, but I also explain how to do this in the dragon week.

The image against the wooden board was my work bench at the end of the 7 weeks and shows everything that is covered in the class.

There is so much information in the class.

I edited the videos down to create 1 hour classes - no chatter and no pauses, just tuition.

(Although the original classes are still available to the students in the class in their private facebook group which really make me smile to watch)

If you would like to join the class, click here to enrol

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