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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Absolutely hilarious.....well, you can only laugh, although inside I was sweating!

Lots of issues connecting to the meeting this evening. It worked fine once we were in, but wow! that wasn't fun trying to connect. Hopefully it was just due to the internet issues that were widely spread this last few days.

I have put a Zoom meeting ID on each of the weekly class pages so lets hope that it works. But just in case the worst happens one evening, please can you email me on and give me your mobile number so that I can just invite you direct to a new meeting. Much faster.

If we have a problem again, I will change all meetings to just using my personal ID with the waiting room enabled, so when you sign in, when it shows your name,

sometimes it might say

"Rhi iphone"


"ipad 11"

Can you make sure it has your name so that I admit you.

Sometimes we have a name or a device so I don't know who the person is trying to get in.

We don't want any surprise visitors do we! (A friend of mine had a flasher......honestly!)

Website Updates

It has been a huge task creating the website the week before term started (read back through the blog for the story),


here is where you come in.

I know that some of you use a mobile to view the site and they are sadly a little limited even with the mobile version,

so is there a page on the site you regularly need to access and could do with a button link?

Weekly Classes private pages

If you click on the blackberry on the home page, the title on there says "Weekly class pages" and will take you to the home page Scroll down a little and you can press a button for your class

Caker Membership plan holders

I have put a direct link for you on the Red Panda on the homepage and it says "Caker Tutorials"

Free tutorials

These are available to site members. You do not have to pay for a membership plan, or pay for weekly classes etc, these are videos I created for my youtube channel and I have popped them here for you to have a peek at our classes.

These are on the oak leaf pics.

Visitors to the site will need to join or sign in (no cost)

Got a link you would like to see on the home page?

By that I mean without having to use a drop down menu button as not everybodys phone likes those.

News about the Forum

I have just worekd out

Have a great week and I will see you soon

Take care

Stay safe

and Happy caking


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