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How are you doing?

Grab yourself a cuppa.

Settle down on the sofa.

Ah that's better.

How are you?

How is life treating you?

How is YOUR new normal?

What a year this has been.

Going from a diary full of wonderful teaching trips, weekend breaks and holidays, visits with family and friends and new normal.

I know, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to start again and build the diary from scratch. I really am. I am here, I am healthy (mostly - we all have our niggles) and I have a roof over my head. I AM grateful.

But do you have those wistful moments when you think of

what "would have been"........ this year?

Having brought out my book in November last year, this year was meant to be travelling with that book, sharing Cyril's Adventure up and down the map, but like everyone else, instead there were lots of postponements and new dates to organise..............hopefully.

Because that is all we can do right now, be hopeful that the new dates can happen while we wait with bated breath to see if there will be another spike. Wondering whether we will be the unlucky ones and lose a family member to the new C word.

But aside from the potential health risk to our loved ones, there is the uncertainty. Businesses are struggling....................they are.........................and that is frightening too.

You are allowed to worry about it. We are always feeling guilty that we aren't grateful, but you are allowed to be wistful and lets face it, I bet you, like me, have shed a tear or two about what could have been and the worry of what the future will bring.

So....................I put my big girl boots on and I am adapting.

I am swimming in tech......... equipment....... software........... teaching techniques, and.......

.........DAILY gaining the knowledge I need to move forward.

To make the new normal a little bit more normal for you.

That is my motivation.

I have never hidden that for me, teaching wasn't about earning loads of money, or getting famous (just as well hahahaha), but it IS about the feeling I get when I watch a student box up their achievements with a smile and carry them out the door of my school.

Those smiling faces that faced their challenges and DID IT!

So, I look forward to continuing on my sugarcraft journey and hopefully following yours.

If you have any suggestions or wishes of what you would like to see on the website, or what would be helpful to you, let me know.

Happy Caking


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