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Time for a catch up

Wow it has been a long time!

Where do I start?

The end of last year I accepted a job with Business in Focus. Those of you who have visited my school know that is the company I rent from, and the perfect opportunity popped up in these difficult times.

Around the same time, I was given an incredible opportunity............I accepted the offer to be part of the team commissioned by Pladis McVities - the Royal warrant holder - to create a cake they would gift to Her Majesty on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee.


So after attending a job interview, I was invited to join the cake team, then started the job before starting the cake work well as classes scheduled for the was going to be an incredibly busy first half of the year and BOY! I had no idea just how busy, so something had to give, which meant I put a pause on YouTube videos's and Kits to Create.

Head on over to my About you Page for a few photos and head on over to my Facebook page for even more.

I am incredibly grateful to Pladis McVities and to my wonderful friends Annie Relph and Alan Dunn for inviting me on to the flower team - those who know me will know I obviously danced for job at the chance of creating British native wild flowers for the cake and yes, I managed to sneak in a snail and some other little bugs too

The New Job .........Not so new now!

I started a temporary contract on the 4th of January as an Administrator with Focus Futures and was promoted to Community Engagement Coordinator in February, a whirlwind first month! I was also given the opportunity to be the lead on the Green Goal Awards which give opportunities to new businesses wanting to make their business more sustainable.

Roll forward to the start of July and I changed to three days a week with the project after my contract was extended and am enjoying the challenge. Learning loads and helping people too. It works beautifully alongside my own business now that I have found my feet a little.

Future Classes

The Platinum Jubilee Cake took up the first six months of the year. Every spare minute was spent creating the sugar flowers we had allocated each other, and if you include the mushrooms and lichen - which obviously I do lol - I made 25 varieties of British native plants (in multiples!) for the cake as well as miniature flowers, a snail, spidersweb and various bugs (which Alan painted).......phew! Exhausting but SO rewarding. As well as all the hard work, there was much laughter and many wonderful memories to treasure from our time up at Pladis.

Weekly Classes

Places will be limited to six per class. I couldn't spend much time advertising the weekly classes that started in January and June, but we had a wonderful time with the smaller numbers attending, I felt quite spoilt!

We made quite a, models - both human and animal......and new skills such as cocoa butter painting and stencilling.

Subjects will be going up on Tuesday, so if you have a wish list........and are quick!............... I might be able to add it in.

Day Classes

I will be adding new one and two day classes very soon, these will be starting in the Autumn and I am looking forward to having a few day classes in the diary again.

Subjects will include:

  • Covering Cakes

  • Flowers and Foliage

  • Modelled Figures - This is Auden and they will be offered as an Intermediate armature modelling class (not including Auden's home)

If you would like to suggest a topic for either Weekly or One day classes, please get in touch at

Have a great weekend


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2 Σχόλια

Hi Rhianydd,

Wow you have been very busy lady, don't know how you do it!!!

Loved all the photos you shared. Your flowers looked amazing on the cake for jubilee. I look forward to joining you again for the new term.

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Hi deb, thank you, it was a wonderful experience. It will be fab to see you 😊

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