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Time for some lovely pics

We made SO much in class, I couldn't resist sharing some of my class demonstration subjects with you

Crazy amount of work right? and there was more.

I taught six weekly classes last term, each twelve weeks, and if you want to know which classes did which subjects visit the Weekly Class Pics page on the website

We made flowers from sugar, wafer paper and air drying clay.

Modelled figures with and without armatures with both cute and more detailed faces.

We worked with Agar Agar - the vegan version of gelatine

We piped buttercream floral cupcakes

We sculpted cheshire cats, toadstools, dragons outside their caves and even a telephone.

I cannot wait for this terms class.

Here are a few photographs of what we will be doing but there is always more!

Enrolment is open ready for class on Monday, but you can always join any time, as the recordings are stored on the site to watch whenever you wish.

But there is so much more:

Royal Iced cookies

Flowers for cakes using the very popular air drying clay - flowers that last forever.

Sharp edge cakes

A two tier peacock cake with cascading feathers

A cute bride and groom

A beautiful open rose

Cute Animal cake toppers

and even better, one of the classes will be wiring up multiple arrangements using the flowers they make during the term.

I think that will most definitely keep us busy this term.