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Top 20 UK Cake Blogs

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

No. 13 in the Top 20 UK Cake Blogs

Well, that was a surprise. I got an email saying that I was in the Top 20 UK cake blogs. How fab is that!

I was so delighted to receive the email. Thank you to those that pop in to read.

Want to take a look? Head on over to this link to see

Ganache Tutorial

Who has problems with ganache and tall cakes?

Well, I have a 6" tall 6" round birthday cake being collected tomorrow, so I have filmed it being:

* Filled

* Ganached


and they will be on the website for all to use soon. (Sneaky little pic from my book here)


I am finally able to film the Owl tutorial for the Cakers membership (this will be available to purchase separately if you wish too) this week.

It is a little delayed due to all the pandemic "stuff" (I think that is a great word, as there is too much to mention otherwise), but there will also be another tutorial for the Cakers in October, so I have still created one a month exclusively for you.

and......if that isn't enough,................I am filming ANOTHER secret tutorial this week straight after! Not for this website (which might give you a hint).

Coming soon! Dates for your diary!

Well, I think we all need something to keep us occupied in the long winter months, so I will be popping on and doing a demonstration or two at least once a month on my facebook page.

There is also a livestream going to be happening in October for the plan members, so that is another date to come soon.

Secret Squirrel stuff!

Quite an appropriate gif since I am waiting for the Maverick release lol (it is nothing to do with that though lol)

I filmed another tutorial while creating secret cakes last month but cannot reveal that tutorial until December, but that will mean there will be an additional tutorial in December.

The initial plan was one long tutorial a month, but I want to increase that to two a month for my cakers as well as adding some short tutorials and snippits.

Even if we are all totally locked down again, I have everything I need to keep teaching and filming, so never fear, I will keep you busy.

And now for the bad news

Well, it is only possible because we are sadly all of south wales in lockdown now, so that unfortunately means that the little chimp class this weekend will have to be postponed.

Nothing worse than sitting idle and sulking, so I decided to keep busy.

NHS Covid-19 App

For those of you that have already downloaded the app. You have two options when you come to the school.

1. Use the general building QR code, (on the desk in reception)


2. You can use the one for my school room. (This is in my room, not the one in reception)

I got a separate one as most people only walk past reception and into the school room rather than wandering around the building into the many other businesses there.

Face Coverings

These are to be worn to enter the building, and also during class for everyone's safety (except for those exempt)

If you need to use the littliest room in the house (Ty Bach), then it is still one person at a time and even after washing hands there are multiple sanitiser stations on the way back to the school room, as well as in the room itself.

Evening Entry

I am keeping an eye out for everyone arriving. I appreciate there are less of you in person at the moment

But we will hopefully be back to normal one day.

Sometimes the outer door is locked, but I will keep an eye out for you. At the worst, tap the window and I will sprint out and let you in. (My doorbell still hasn't arrived)

There is hand sanitiser in the entry way and immediately on the left after the second door,.....and by the lift.........and on the wall on the way to the room ......and on the............well you get the picture lol

So with all the boring stuff out of the way, I am going to get my snowdrop cutters out of the cupboard because that is what we are making this evening . See you soon

Stay safe and

Happy Caking


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Congratulations Rhianydd. Well deserved. ❤️


Sep 28, 2020

Yay!!!!! Congrats Rhi!!! xXx


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