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Top 20 UK Cake Blogs

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

No. 13 in the Top 20 UK Cake Blogs

Well, that was a surprise. I got an email saying that I was in the Top 20 UK cake blogs. How fab is that!

I was so delighted to receive the email. Thank you to those that pop in to read.

Want to take a look? Head on over to this link to see

Ganache Tutorial

Who has problems with ganache and tall cakes?

Well, I have a 6" tall 6" round birthday cake being collected tomorrow, so I have filmed it being:

* Filled

* Ganached


and they will be on the website for all to use soon. (Sneaky little pic from my book here)


I am finally able to film the Owl tutorial for the Cakers membership (this will be available to purchase separately if you wish too) this week.

It is a little delayed due to all the pandemic "stuff" (I think that is a great word, as there is too much to mention otherwise), but there will also be another tutorial for the Cakers in October, so I have still created one a month exclusively for you.